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the good of the three worlds, was proceeding towards heaven.  Beholding Indra of great energy thus proceeding on his mission, she seized the chief of the deities and from that moment stuck to him.[1395] When the sin of Brahmanicide thus stuck to his person and inspired him with terror, Indra entered the fibres of a lotus-stalk and dwelt there for many long years.  But the sin of Brahmanicide pursued him closely.  Indeed, O son of Kuru, seized by her, Indra became deprived of all his energies.  He made great efforts for driving her from him, but all those efforts proved abortive.  Seized by her, O bull of Bharata’s race, the chief of the deities at last presented himself before the Grandsire and worshipped him by bending his head low.  Understanding that Sakra was possessed by the sin of Brahmanicide,[1396] Brahman began to reflect, O best of the Bharatas, (upon the means of freeing his suppliant).  The grandsire at last, O thou of mighty arms, addressed Brahmanicide in a sweet voice as if from the desire of pacifying her, and said, ’O amiable one, let the chief of the celestials, who is a favourite of mine, be freed from thee.  Tell me, what I shall do for thee.  What wish of thine shall I accomplish?’

“Brahmanicide said, ’When the Creator of the three worlds, when the illustrious god adored by the universe, hath been pleased with me, I regard my wishes as already accomplished.  Let my residence be now appointed.  Desirous of preserving the worlds, this rule had been made by thee.  It was thou, O lord, that didst introduced this important ordinance.[1397] As thou hast been gratified with me, O righteous Lord, O puissant Master of all the worlds, I shall certainly leave Sakra!  But grant me an abode to dwell in.’

“Bhishma continued, ’The Grandsire replied unto Brahmanicide, saying, ’So be it!’ Indeed, the Grandsire discovered means for dispelling Brahmanicide from the person of Indra.  The Self-create recollected the high-souled Agni.  The latter immediately presented himself to Brahman and said these words, ’O illustrious and divine Lord, O thou that are without any defect, I have appeared before thee.  It behoveth thee to say what I shall have to accomplish.’

“Brahman said, ’I shall divide this sin of Brahmanicide into several portions.  For freeing Sakra from her, do thou take a fourth portion of that sin.’

“Agni said, ’How shall I be rescued from her, O Brahman?  O puissant Lord, do thou appoint the way.  I desire to know the means (of my own rescue) in detail, O adored of all the worlds!’

“Brahman said, ’Unto that man who, overwhelmed by the quality of Tamas, will abstain from offering thee as an oblation, when he beholds thee in thy blazing form, seeds, herbs, and juices, that portion of Brahmanicide which thou wilt take upon thyself shall immediately enter, and leaving thee shall dwell in him.  O carrier off oblations, let the fever of thy heart be dispelled.’

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