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“Bhishma continued, ’When the great Asura or Daitya was overtaken by that fever (born of Mahadeva’s energy), the deities and the Rishis, filled with joy, uttered loud cheers, At the same time drums, and conchs of loud blare, and kettle drums and tabors began to beat and blow by thousands.  Suddenly all the Asuras became afflicted with the loss of memory.  In a trice, their powers of illusion also disappeared.  The Rishis and the deities, ascertaining the foe to be thus possessed, uttered the praises of both Sakra and Isana, and began to urge the former (to make no delay in destroying Vritra).  The form that Indra assumed on the eve of the encounter, while seated on his car and while his praises were being hymned by the Rishis, became such that none could look at it without awe.’"[1393]


“Bhishma said, ’Listen, O king, to me as I tell thee the symptoms that appeared on the body of Vritra when he was overtaken by that fever (born of the energy of Mahadeva).  The heroic Asura’s mouth began to emit flames of fire.  He became exceedingly pale.  His body began to tremble all over.  His breath became hard and thick.  His hairs stood on end.  His memory, O Bharata, issued out of his mouth in the form of a fierce, dreadful, and inauspicious jackal.  Burning and blazing meteors fell on his right and left.  Vultures and kanakas and cranes, gathering together, uttered fierce cries, as they wheeled over Vritra’s head.  Then, in that encounter, Indra, adored by the gods, and armed with the thunderbolt, looked hard at the Daitya as the latter sat on his car.  Possessed by that violent fever, the mighty Asura, O monarch, yawned and uttered inhuman cries.[1394] While the Asura was yawning Indra hurled his thunderbolt at him.  Endued with exceedingly great energy and resembling the fire that destroys the creation at the end of the Yuga, that thunderbolt overthrew in a trice Vritra of gigantic form.  Loud shouts were once more uttered by the gods on all sides when they beheld Vritra slain, O bull of Bharata’s race!  Having slain Vritra, Maghavat, that foe of the Danavas, possessed of great fame, entered heaven with that thunderbolt pervaded by Vishnu.  Just then, O thou of Kuru’s race, the sin of Brahmanicide (in her embodied form), fierce and awful and inspiring all the worlds with dread, issued out of the body of the slain Vritra.  Of terrible teeth and awful, hideous for ugliness, and dark and tawny, with hair dishevelled, and dreadful eyes, O Bharata, with a garland of skulls round her neck, and looking like an (Atharvan) Incantation (in its embodied form), O bull of Bharata’s race, covered all over with blood, and clad in rags and barks of trees, O thou of righteous soul, she came out of Vritra’s body.  Of such dreadful form and mien, O monarch, she sought the wielder of the thunderbolt (for possessing him).  A little while after, O thou of Kuru’s race, the slayer of Vritra, on some purpose connected with

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