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“Vasishtha said, ’Thou art the foremost of the gods, O chief of the deities, O slayer of Daityas and Asuras!  The strength of the three worlds is in thee!  Why, then, O Sakra, dost thou languish so!  There, Brahman, and Vishnu, and Siva, that lord of the universe, the illustrious and divine Soma, and all the highest Rishis (stand, beholding thee)!  Do not, O Sakra, yield to weakness, like an ordinary person!  Firmly resolved on battle, slay thy foes, O chief of the celestials!  There, that Master of all the worlds, viz., the Three-eyed (Siva), the adored of all the worlds, is eyeing thee!  Cast off this stupefaction, O chief of the celestials!  There, those regenerate Rishis, headed by Vrihaspati, are praising thee, for thy victory, in celestial hymns.’[1391]

“Bhishma continued, ’While Vasava of great energy was thus being restored to consciousness by the high-souled Vasishtha, his strength became greatly enhanced.  The illustrious chastiser of Paka then, relying upon his intelligence, had recourse to high Yoga and with its aid dispelled these illusions of Vritra.  Then Vrihaspati, the son of Angiras, and those foremost of Rishis possessed of great prosperity, beholding the prowess of Vritra, repaired to Mahadeva, and impelled by the desire of benefiting the three worlds, urged him to destroy the great Asura.  The energy of that illustrious lord of the universe thereupon assumed the character of a fierce fever and penetrated the body of Vritra the lord of Asuras.[1392] The illustrious and divine Vishnu, adored of all the worlds, bent upon protecting the universe, entered the thunderbolt of Indra.  Then Vrihaspati of great intelligence and Vasishtha of exceeding energy, and all the other foremost of Rishis, repairing to Him of a hundred sacrifices, viz., the boon-giving Vasava, the adored of all the worlds, addressed him, saying, ’Slay Vritra, O puissant one, without delay!’

“Maheswara said, ’Yonder, O Sakra, stands the great Vritra, accompanied by a great force.  He is the soul of the universe, capable of going everywhere, endued with large powers of illusion, and possessed of great celebrity.  This foremost of Asuras is, therefore, incapable of being vanquished by even the three worlds united together.  Aided by Yoga, do thou slay him, O chief of the deities.  Do not disregard him.  For full sixty thousand years, O chief of the celestials, Vritra practised the severest penances for obtaining strength.  Brahman gave him the boons he had solicited, viz., the greatness that belongs to Yogins, large powers of illusion, excess of might, and superabundant energy.  I impart to thee my energy, O Vasava!  The Danava has now lost his coolness.  Do thou, therefore, slay him now with thy thunderbolt!’

“Sakra said, ’Before thy eyes, O foremost of gods, I shall, through thy grace, slay with my thunderbolt this invincible son of Diti.’

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