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to his disciples on the subject of Impersonal Brahma, proceeded to regions of great felicity.  Amvarisha of great prowess, heaving given unto the Brahmanas eleven Arvudas of kine, proceeded to heaven with all the people of his kingdom.  Savitri, by giving away her ear-rings, and king Janamejaya, by giving away his own body, both proceeded to high regions of felicity.  Yuvanaswa, the son of Vrishadarbha, by giving away diverse kinds of gems, a fine mansion, and many beautiful women, ascended to heaven.  Nimi, the ruler of the Videhas, gave away his kingdom, Jamadagni’s son (Rama) gave away the whole earth; and Gaya gave away the earth with all her towns and cities, unto the Brahmanas.  Once when the clouds ceased to pour, Vasishtha, resembling Brahman himself, kept alive all creatures like Prajapati keeping them alive (by his energy and kindness).  Karandhama’s son Marutta of cleansed soul, by giving away his daughter to Angiras, speedily ascended to heaven.  Brahmadatta, the ruler of the Panchalas, possessed of superior intelligence, by giving away two precious jewels called Nidhi and Sankha unto some of the foremost of the Brahmanas, obtained many regions of felicity.  King Mitrasaha, having given his own dear wife Madayanti unto the high-souled Vasishtha, ascended to heaven with that wife of his.  The royal sage Sahasrajit, possessed of great fame having cast off dear life itself for the sake of a Brahmana, ascended to regions of great felicity.  King Satadyumna, having given to Mudgala a mansion made of gold and full of every object of comfort and use, ascended to heaven.  The king of the Salwas, known by the name of Dyutimat, possessed of great prowess, gave unto Richika his entire kingdom and ascended to heaven.  The Royal sage Madiraswa, by giving away his daughter of slender waist to Hiranyahasta, ascended to such regions as are held in esteem by the very gods.  The royal sage Lomapada, of great prowess, by giving away his daughter Santa to Rishyasringa, obtained the fruition of all his wishes.  King Prasenajit, of great energy, by giving away a hundred thousand kine with calves, ascended to excellent regions of felicity.  These and many others, possessed of great and well-ordered souls and having their senses under control, ascended, by means Of gifts and penances, to heaven.  Their fame will last as long as the earth herself will last.  All of them have, by gifts, sacrifices and procreation of issue, proceeded to heaven.’”


“Vyasa said, ’The knowledge called Trayi which occurs in the Vedas and their branches should be acquired.  That knowledge is to be derived from the Richs, the Samans, and the sciences called Varna and Akshara.  There are besides, the Yajuses and the Atharvans.  In the six kinds of acts indicated in these, dwells the Divine Being.  They that are well-versed in the declarations of the Vedas, that have knowledge of the Soul, that are attached to the

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