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with shafts sped from Gandiva, speedily felled the heads and arms of the combatants thus rushing upon him.  Not an inch of the field of battle was unstrewn with fallen heads, and the flights of crows and vultures and ravens that hovered over the field seemed to form a cloudy canopy.  Seeing their men thus exterminated, Srutayus and Achyutayus were both filled with wrath.  And they continued to contend vigorously with Dhananjaya.  Endued with great might, proud, heroic, of noble lineage, and possessed of strength of arms, those two bowmen, O king, solicitous of winning great fame and desirous, for the sake of thy son, to compass the destruction of Arjuna, quickly showered upon the latter their arrowy downpours at once from his right and left.  Those angry heroes, with a thousand straight shafts, covered Arjuna like two masses of clouds filling a lake.  Then that foremost of car-warriors viz., Srutayus filled with wrath, struck Dhananjaya with a well-tempered lance.  That crusher of foes viz., Arjuna, then, deeply pierced by his mighty foe, swooned away in that battle, stupefying Kesava also (by that act).  Meanwhile, the mighty car-warrior Achyutayus forcibly struck the son of Pandu with a keen-pointed spear.  By the act he seemed to pour an acid upon the wound of the high-souled son of Pandu.  Deeply pierced therewith, Partha supported himself by seizing the flag-staff.  Then a leonine shout was sent forth by all the troops, O monarch, in the belief that Dhananjaya was deprived of life.  And Krishna also was scorched with grief upon beholding Partha senseless.  Then Kesava comforted Dhananjaya with soothing words..  Then those foremost of car-warriors, (viz., Srutayus and Achyutayus), of true aim, pouring their arrowy showers on all sides, in that battle, made Dhananjaya and Vasudeva of Vrishni’s race invisible with their car and car-wheels and Kuvaras, their steeds and flagstaff and banner.  And all this seemed wonderful.  Meanwhile, O Bharata, Vibhatsu slowly regained his senses, like one come back from the very abode of the king of the dead.  Beholding his car with Kesava overwhelmed with arrows and seeing also those two antagonists of his staying before him like two blazing fires, the mighty car-warriors Partha then invoked into existence the weapon named after Sakra.  From that weapon flowed thousands of straight shafts.  And those shafts struck Srutayus and Achyutayus, those mighty bowmen.  And the arrows shot by the latter, pierced by those of Partha, coursed through the welkin.  And the son of Pandu quickly baffling those arrows by the force of his own arrows, began to career over the field, encountering mighty car-warriors.  Meanwhile Srutayus and Achyutayus were, by Arjuna’s arrowy showers, deprived of their arms and heads.  And they fell down on the earth, like a couple of tall trees broken by the wind.  And the death of Srutayus and slaughter of Achyutayus created surprise equal to what men would feel at the sight of the ocean becoming dry.  Then slaying
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