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“Sanjaya said, ’Held in check by them, that foremost of car-warriors, viz., Partha of great might and prowess, was quickly pursued by Drona from behind.  The son of Pandu, however, like diseases scorching the body, blasted that army, scattering his sharp shafts and resembling on that account the sun himself scattering his countless rays of light.  And steeds were pierced, and cars with riders were broken and mangled, and elephants were overthrown.  And umbrellas were cut off and displaced, and vehicles were deprived of their wheels.  And the combatants fled on all sides, exceedingly afflicted with arrows.  Even thus progressed that fierce battle between those warriors and Arjuna encountering each other.  Nothing could be distinguished.  With his straight shafts, Arjuna, O monarch, made the hostile army tremble incessantly.  Firmly devoted to truth, Arjuna then, of white steeds desirous of accomplishing his vow rushed against the foremost of car-warriors, viz., Drona of red steeds.  Then the preceptor, Drona, struck his disciple, viz., the mighty bowman Arjuna, with five and twenty straight shafts capable of reaching the very vitals.  Thereupon, Vibhatsu, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, quickly rushed against Drona, shooting arrows capable of baffling the force of counter arrows, shot at him.  Invoking into existence then the Brahma weapon, Arjuna, of immeasurable soul, baffled with his straight shafts those shot so speedily at him by Drona.  The skill we then beheld of Drona was exceedingly wonderful, since Arjuna, though young, and though struggling vigorously, could not pierce Drona with a single shaft.  Like a mass of clouds pouring torrents of rain, the Drona cloud rained shower on the Partha-mountain.  Possessed of great energy, Arjuna received that arrowy downpour, O king, by invoking the Brahma weapon, and cut off all those arrows by arrows of his own.  Drona then afflicted Partha of white steeds with five and twenty arrows.  And he struck Vasudeva with seventy arrows on the chest and arms.  Partha then, of great intelligence, smiling the while resisted the preceptor in that battle who was incessantly shooting sharp arrows.  Then those two foremost of car-warriors, while thus struck by Drona, avoided that invincible warrior, who resembled the raging Yuga fire.  Avoiding those sharp shafts shot from Drona’s bow, the diadem-decked son of Kunti, adorned with garlands of flowers, began to slaughter the host of the Bhojas.  Indeed, avoiding the invincible Drona who stood immovable like the Mainaka mountain, Arjuna took up his position between Kritavarman and Sudakshina the ruler of the Kamvojas.  Then that tiger among men, viz., the ruler of the Bhojas, coolly pierced that invincible and foremost descendant of Ruru with ten arrows winged with Kanka feathers.  Then Arjuna pierced him, O monarch, in that battle with a hundred arrows.  And once more he pierced him with three other arrows, stupefying that hero of the Satwata race.  The

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