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Drona, shooting mightier and More awful shafts.  Observant of Kshatriya duties, Arjuna then pierced Drona in that battle with nine arrows.  Cutting the shafts of Arjuna by his own shafts, Drona then pierced both Krishna and Arjuna with many shafts that resembled poison or fire, Then, while Arjuna was thinking of cutting of Drona’s bow with his arrows, the latter, endued with great valour, fearlessly and quickly cut off, with shafts the bow-string of the illustrious Phalguna.  And he also pierced Phalguna’s steeds and standard and charioteer.  And the heroic Drona covered Phalguna himself with many arrows, smiling the while.  Meantime, stringing his large bow anew, Partha, that foremost of all persons conversant with arms, getting the better of his preceptor, quickly shot six hundred arrows as if he had taken and shot only one arrow.  And once more he shot seven hundred other arrows, and then a thousand arrows incapable of being resisted, and ten thousand other arrows.  All these slew many warriors of Drona’s array.  Deeply pierced with those weapons by the mighty and accomplished Partha, acquainted with all modes of warfare, many men and steeds and elephants fell down deprived of life.  And car-warriors, afflicted by those shafts, fell down from their foremost of cars, deprived of horses and standards and destitute of weapons and life.  And elephants fell down like summits of hills, or masses of clouds, or large houses, loosened, dispersed, or burnt down by the thunder, or by the wind, or fire.  Struck with Arjuna’s shafts, thousands of steeds fell down like swans on the breast of Himavat, struck down by the force of watery current.  Like the Sun, that rises at the end of the Yuga, drying up with his rays, vast quantities of water, the son of Pandu, by his showers of weapons and arrows, slew a vast number of car-warriors and steeds and elephants and foot-soldiers.  Then like the clouds covering the sun, the Drona-cloud, with its arrowy showers, covered the Pandava-sun, whose rays in the shape of thick showers of arrows were scorching in the battle the foremost ones among the Kurus.  And then the preceptor struck Dhananjaya at the breast with a long shaft shot with great force and capable of drinking the life-blood of every foe.  Then Arjuna, deprived of strength, shook in all his limbs, like a hill during an earthquake.  Soon, however, regaining for fortitude, Vibhatsu pierced Drona with many winged arrows.  Then Drona struck Vasudeva with five arrows.  And he struck Arjuna with three and seventy arrows, and his standard with three.  Then, O king, the valorous Drona getting the better of his disciple, within the twinkling of an eye made Arjuna invisible by means of his arrowy showers.  We then beheld the shafts of Bharadwaja’s son falling in continuous lines, and his bow also was seen to present the wonderful aspect of being incessantly drawn to a circle.  And those shafts, countless in number, and winged with the Kanka feathers, shot by Drona in that battle, incessantly fell, O king,
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