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long shafts, fell down, vomiting blood from their mouths, with the riders on their backs, like hills overgrown with forests tumbling down through some convulsion of nature.  Partha, by means of his straight shafts, cut into fragments the bow-strings, standards, bows, yokes, and shafts of the car-warriors opposed to him.  None could notice when Arjuna took up his arrows, when he fixed them on the bow-string, when he drew the string, and when he let them off.  All that could be seen was that Partha seemed to dance on his car with his bow incessantly drawn to a circle.  Elephants, deeply pierced with long shafts and vomiting blood from their mouths, fell down, as soon as they were struck, on the earth.  And in the midst of that great carnage, O monarch, innumerable headless trunks were seen to stand up.  Arms, with bows in grasp, or whose fingers were cased in leathern gloves, holding swords, or decked with Angadas and other ornaments of gold, cut off from trunks, were seen lying about.  And the field of battle was strewn with innumerable Upashkaras and Adhishthanas, and shafts, and crowns, crushed car-wheels, and broken Akshas, and yokes, and warriors armed with shields and bows, and floral garlands, and ornaments and robes and fallen standards.  And in consequence of those slain elephants and steeds, and the fallen bodies of Kshatriyas, the earth there assumed an awful aspect.  Duhsasana’s forces, thus slaughtered, O king, by the diadem-decked (Arjuna), fled away.  Their leader himself was in great pain, for Duhsasana, greatly afflicted by those shafts, overcome by fear entered with his division the Sakata array, seeking Drona as his deliverer.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Slaying the force of Duhsasana, the mighty car-warrior, Savyasachin, desirous of getting at the ruler of the Sindhus, proceeded against the division of Drona, Having approached Drona who was stationed at the entrance of the array, Partha, at Krishna’s request joined his hands and said these words unto Drona:  ’Wish me well, O Brahmana, and bless me, saying Swasti!  Through thy grace, I wish to penetrate into this impenetrable array.  Thou art to me even as my sire, or even as king Yudhishthira the just, or even as Krishna!  I tell thee this truly.  O sire, O sinless one!  Even as Aswatthaman deserves to be protected by thee, I also deserve to be protected by thee, O foremost of regenerate ones!  Through thy grace, O foremost of men, I desire to stay the ruler of the Sindhu in battle.  O lord, see that my vow is accomplished.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Thus addressed by him, the preceptor, smiling, replied unto him, saying, ’O Vibhatsu, without vanquishing me, thou shalt not be able to vanquish Jayadratha.  Telling him this much, Drona, with a smile covered him with showers of sharp arrows, as also his car and steeds and standard and charioteer.  Then, Arjuna baffling Drona’s arrowy showers with his own arrows, rushed against

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