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Satyaki and Vrikodara?  Them that have Arjuna for their warrior, them that have Janardana for their counsellor, them that have Satyaki and Vrikodara for their protectors, what mortal bowman is there that would dare fight with, save the Kauravas and those that are following their lead?  All that is capable of being achieved by friendly kings endued with heroism and observant of the duties of Kshatriyas, all that is being done by the warriors on the Kauravas side.  Listen now, therefore, to everything that hath taken place in the terrible battle between those tigers among men viz., the Kurus and the Pandavas.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’After that fight had passed away, Drona, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, began to array all his divisions for battle.  Diverse sounds were heard, O monarch of angry heroes shouting in wrath and desirous of slaying one another.  And some stretched their bows, and some rubbed with their hands their bow-strings.  And drawing deep breaths, many of them shouted, saying, Where is that Dhananjaya?  And some began to throw upwards (and again seize) their naked swords, unyielding, well-tempered, of the colour of the sky, possessed of great sharpness, and furnished with beautiful hilts.  And brave warriors, desirous of battle, by thousands, were seen to perform the evolutions of swordmen and of bowmen, with skill acquired by practice.  Some whirling their maces decked with bells, smeared with sandal paste, and adorned with gold and diamonds enquired after the sons of Pandu.  Some intoxicated with the pride of strength, and possessed of massive arms, obstructed the welkin with their spiked clubs that resembled (a forest of flag) staff raised in honour of Indra.  Others, brave warriors all, adorned with beautiful garlands of flowers, desirous of battle, occupied diverse portions of the field, armed with diverse weapons.  ’Where is Arjuna?  Where is that Govinda?  Where is proud Bhima?  Where also are those allies of their?’ Even thus did they call upon them in battle.  Then blowing his conch and himself urging the horses to great speed, Drona moved about with great celerity, arraying his troops.  After all those divisions that delight in battle had taken up their stations, Bharadwaja’s son, O king, said these words unto Jayadratha.  ’Thyself, Somadatta’s son, the mighty car-warrior Karna, Aswatthaman, Salya, Vrishasena and Kripa, with a hundred thousand horse, sixty thousand cars, four and ten thousand elephants with rent temples, one and twenty thousand foot-soldiers clad in mail take up your station behind me at the distance of twelve miles.  There the very gods with Vasava at their head will not be able to attack thee, what need be said, therefore, of the Pandavas?  Take comfort, O ruler of the Sindhus.  Thus addressed (by Drona), Jayadratha, the ruler of the Sindhus, became comforted.  And he proceeded to the spot indicated by Drona, accompanied by many Gandhara warriors, and surrounded by those great car-warriors, and with many foot-soldiers clad in mail, prepared to fight vigorously and armed with nooses.  The steeds of Jayadratha, well-skilled in bearing of drawing were all, O monarch, decked with yalk-tails and ornaments of gold.  And seven thousand such steeds, and three thousand other steeds of the Sindhu breed were with him.’

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