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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 1,984 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2.
sacrifice.  Let salutations be to the slayer of Andhaka, to the father of Kumara, to him who is of blue throat, to him who is the creator.’  Let salutation be to the wielder of Pinaka, to one worthy of the offer of libations of clarified butter, to him who is truth, to him who is all-pervading.  To him who is unvanquished!  To him who is always of blue locks, to him who is armed with the trident, to him who is of celestial vision!  To him who is Hotri, to him who protects all, to, him who is of three eyes, to him who is disease, to him whose vital seed fell on fire!  To him who is inconceivable, to him who is the lord of Amvika, to him who is adored by all the gods!  To him who hath the bull for his mark, to him who is bold, to him who is of matted lock, to him who is a Brahmacharin!  To him who standeth as an ascetic in the water, to him who is devoted to Brahma, to him who hath never been conquered!  To him who is the soul of the universe, to him who is the creator of the universe, to him who liveth pervading the whole universe!  We bow to thee that art, the object of the reverence of all, to thee that art the original cause of all creatures!  To thee that art called Brahmachakra, to thee that art called Sarva, Sankara, and Siva!  We bow to thee that art the lord of all great beings!  We bow to thee that hast a thousand heads, to thee that hast a thousand arms, to thee that art called Death!  To thee that hast a thousand eyes, a thousand legs?  To thee whose acts are innumerable!  We bow to thee whose complexion is that of gold, to thee that art cased in golden mail, to thee that art ever compassionate to thy devotees!  O lord, let our wish be accomplished.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Having adored Mahadeva in these terms, Vasudeva with Arjuna then began to gratify him for obtaining (the great) weapon (called Pasupata).’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Then Partha, with a cheerful soul and joined hands and eyes expanded (in wonder), gazed at the god having the bull for his mark and who was the receptacle of every energy.  And he beheld the offerings he made every night to Vasudeva lying by the side of the Three-eyed deity.  The son of Pandu then, mentally worshipping both Krishna and Sarva, said unto the latter, ‘I desire (to obtain) the celestial weapon.’  Hearing these words of Partha desiring the boon he sought, god Siva smilingly said unto Vasudeva and Arjuna, ’Welcome to you, ye foremost of men!  I know the wish cherished by you, and the business for which you have come here.  I will give you what you wish.  There is a celestial lake full of Amrita, not far from this place, ye slayers of foes!  There were kept some time back, that celestial bow and arrow of mine.  With them I slew in battle all the enemies of the gods.  Bring hither, ye Krishna, that excellent bow with arrow fixed on it.’  Hearing these words of Siva, Vasudava with Arjuna answered, ‘So be it.’  And then accompanied by all the

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