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do not behold here that bowman of superior energy who can baffle with his arms the weapons of Arjuna in great battle!  Who, even if it be Satakratu himself, will stay in front of Arjuna having Vasudeva for his ally, while wielding the bow Gandiva?  It is heard that lord Maheswara himself of supreme energy had been encountered, before this, by Partha on foot, on the mountains of Himvat!  Urged by the chief of the celestials, he slew on a single car, a thousand Danavas dwelling in Hiranyapura!  That son of Kunti is now allied with Vasudeva of great intelligence.  I think that he is competent to destroy the three worlds including the very gods.  I wish that you will either grant me permission (to leave the field for my home) or that the high-souled and heroic Drona with his son will protect me!  Or, I would await thy pleasure!—­O Arjuna, (thus addressed by Jayadratha) king Suyodhana humbly beseeched the preceptor in this matter.[129] All remedial measures have been adopted.  Cars and steeds have been arranged.  Karna and Bhurisravas, and Drona’s son, and the invincible Vrishasena, and Kripa, and the ruler of the Madras, these six will be in (Jayadratha’s) van.  Drona will form an array half of which will be a Sakata[130] and half a lotus.  In the middle of the leaves of that lotus will be a needle-mouthed array.  Jayadratha, that ruler of the Sindhus, difficult of being conquered in battle, will take his stand, by it, protected by heroes!  In (the use of) the bow, in weapons, in prowess, in strength, and also in lineage, those six car-warriors, O Partha are without doubt, exceedingly difficult of being borne.  Without first vanquishing those six car-warriors, access to Jayadratha will not to be had.  Think, O Arjuna, of the prowess of each of those six, O tiger among men, when united together, they are not capable of being easily vanquished!  We should, therefore, once again, take counsel with well-wishing counsellors, conversant with policy, for our benefit and for the success of our object!’”


“Arjuna said, ’These six car-warriors of the Dhritarashtra army whom thou regardest to be so strong their (united) energy, I think is not equal to even half of mine!  Thou shalt see, O slayer of Madhu, the weapons of all these cut off and baffled by me when I go against them for slaying Jayadratha!  In the very sight of Drona and all his men, I will fell the head of the ruler of the Sindhus, on the earth, beholding which they will indulge in lamentations.  If the Siddhas, the Rudras, the Vasus, with the Aswins, the Maruts with Indra:  (at their head) the Viswadevas with other gods, the Pitris, the Gandharvas, Garuda, the Ocean, the mountains, the firmament, Heaven, Earth, the point of the compass (cardinal and subsidiary), and the regents of those points, all the creatures that are domestic and all that are wild, in fact if all the mobile and the immobile beings together, become

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