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unbaked pot.  Vaisravana (Kuvera) became their milker, and Vrishadhvaja their calf.  The Gandharvas and the Apsaras milked all fragrant perfumes in a vessel made of a lotus-leaf.  Chitraratha became their calf, and the puissant Viswaruchi their milker.  The Pitris milked the Earth, getting Swaha as their milk in a vessel of silver.  Yama, the son of Vivaswat, became their calf, and (the Destroyer Antaka) their milker.  Even thus was the Earth milked by that assemblage of creatures who all got for milk what they each desired.  The very calves and vessels employed by them are existing to this day and may always be seen.  The powerful Prithu, the son of Vena, performing various sacrifices, gratified all creatures in respect of all their desires by gifts of articles agreeable to their hearts.  And he caused golden images to be made of every article on earth, and bestowed them all on the Brahmanas as his great Horse-sacrifice,[119] The king caused six and sixty thousand elephants to be made of gold, and all those he gave away unto the Brahmanas.  And this whole earth also the king caused to be decked with jewels and gems and gold, and gave her away unto the Brahmanas.  When he died, O Srinjaya, who was superior to thee as regards the four cardinal virtues and who, superior to thee, was, therefore, much superior to thy son thou shouldst not, saying ’Oh, Swaitya, Oh, Swaitya,’ grieve for the latter who performed no sacrifice and made no sacrificial present.’”


“Narada said, ’Even the great ascetic Rama, the hero worshipped by all heroes, that son of Jamadagni, of great fame, will die, without being contented (with the period of his life).  Rooting out all evils from the earth, he caused the primeval Yuga to set in.  Having obtained unrivalled prosperity, no fault could be seen in him.[120] His father having been slain and his calf having been stolen by the Kshatriyas, he without any boast, slew Kartavirya who had never been vanquished before by foes.  With his bow he slew four and sixty times ten thousand Kshatriyas already within the jaws of death.  In that slaughter were included fourteen thousand Brahmana-hating Kshatriyas of the Dantakura country, all of whom he slew.  Of the Haihayas, he slew a thousand with his short club, a thousand with his sword, and a thousand by hanging.[121] Heroic warriors, with their cars, steeds, and elephants, lay dead on the field, slain by the wise son of Jamadagni, enraged at the slaughter of his father.  And Rama, on that occasion, slew ten thousand Kshatriyas with his axe.  He could not quietly bear the furious speeches uttered by those (foes of his).  And when many foremost of Brahmans uttered exclamations, mentioning the name of Rama of Bhrigu’s race,[122] then the valiant son of Jamadagni, proceeding against the Kashmiras, the Daradas, the Kuntis, the Kshudrakas, the Malavas, the Angas, the Vangas, the Kalingas, the Videhas, the Tamraliptakas, the Rakshovahas, the Vitahotras,

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