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were crowned with fruition.  They had nothing to fear.  On trees, or in caves, they dwelt as they liked.  His dominions were not distributed into provinces and towns.  The people lived happily and in joy as each desired.  When king Prithu went to the sea, the waves became solid.  The very mountains used to yield him openings that he might pass through them.  The standard of his car never broke (obstructed by anything).  Once on a time, the tall trees of the forest, the mountains, the gods, the Asuras, men, the snakes, the seven Rishis, the Apsaras, and the Pitris, all came to Prithu, seated at his ease, and addressing him, said, ’Thou art our Emperor.  Thou art our king.  Thou art our protector and Father.  Thou art our Lord.  Therefore, O great king, give us boons after our own hearts, through which we may, for ever, obtain gratification and joy.’  Unto them Prithu, the son of Vena, said, So be it.  Then taking up his Ajagava bow[117] and some terrible arrows the like of which existed not, he reflected for a moment.  He then addressed the Earth, saying, ’Coming quickly, O Earth!  Yield to these the milk they desire.  From that, blessed be thou, I will give them the food they solicit.’  Thus addressed by him, the Earth said, ‘It behoveth thee, O hero, to regard me as thy daughter.’  Prithu answered, So be it!—­And then that great ascetic, his passions under control, made all arrangements (for milking the Earth.  Then the entire assemblage of creatures began to milk the Earth).  And first of all, the tall trees of the forest rose for milking her, The Earth then, full of affection, stood there desiring a calf, a milker, and vessels (wherein to hold the milk).  Then the blossoming Sala became the calf, the Banian became the milker, torn buds became the milk, and the auspicious fig tree became the vessel. (Next, the mountains milked her).  The Eastern hill, whereon the Sun rises, became the calf; the prince of mountains, viz., Meru, became the milker; the diverse gems and deciduous herbs became the milk; and the stones became the vessels (for holding that milk).  Next, one of the gods became the milker, and all things capable of bestowing energy and strength became the coveted milk.  The Asuras then milked the Earth, having wine for their milk, and using an unbaked pot for their vessel.  In that act, Dwimurddhan became the milker, and Virochana, the calf.  The human beings milked the Earth for cultivation and crops.  The self-created Manu became their calf, and Prithu himself the milker.  Next, the Snakes milked the Earth, getting poison as the milk, and using a vessel made of a gourd, Dhritarashtra became the milker, and Takshaka the calf.  The seven Rishis, capable of producing everything by their fiat,[118] then milked the Earth, getting the Vedas as their milk.  Vrihaspati became the milker, the Chhandas were the vessel, and the excellent Soma, the calf.  The Yakshas, milking the Earth, got the power of disappearance at will as the milk in an
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