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whole of the wealth that existed on the earth in the possession of Mlecchas and other Brahmana-hating people.  When the gods and the Asuras were arrayed for battle, king Yayati aided the gods.  Having divided the earth into four parts, he gave it away unto four persons.  Having performed various sacrifices and virtuously begotten excellent offspring upon (his wives) Devayani, the daughter of Usanas and Sarmishtha, king Yayati, who was like unto a celestial, roved through the celestial woods at his own pleasure, like a second Vasava.  Acquainted with all the Vedas, when, however, he found that he was not satiated with the indulgence of his passions, he then, with his wives, retired into the forest, saying this:  ’Whatever of paddy and wheat and gold and animals and women there are on earth, even the whole of these is not sufficient for one man.  Thinking of this, one should cultivate contentment.’  Thus abandoning all his desires, and attaining to contentment, the lord Yayati, installing (his son) on his throne, retired into the forest.  When he died, O Srinjaya, who was superior to thee in respect of the four cardinal virtues and who, superior to thee, was much superior to thy son, thou shouldst not, saying, ‘Oh, Swaitya, Oh, Swaitya’, grieve for the latter who performed no sacrifice and made no sacrificial present.’”


“Narada said, ’Nabhaga’s son, Amvarisha, O Srinjaya, we hear, fell a prey to death.  Alone he battled a thousand times with a thousand kings.  Desirous of victory, those foes, accomplished in weapons, rushed against him in battle from all sides, uttering fierce exclamations.  Aided by his strength and activity and the skill he had acquired by practice, he cut off, by the force of his weapons, the umbrellas, the weapons, the standards, the cars, and the lances of those enemies, and dispelled his anxieties.[105] Desirous of saving their lives, those men, doffing their coats of mail, implored him (for mercy).  They sought his protection, saying, ‘We yield ourselves to thee.’  Reducing them to subjection and conquering the whole earth, he performed a hundred sacrifices of the best kind, according to the rites ordained in the scriptures, O sinless one!  Food possessed of every agreeable quality was eaten (at those sacrifices) by large classes of people.  At those sacrifices, the Brahmanas were respectfully worshipped and greatly gratified.  And the regenerate classes ate sweet-meats, and Purikas and Puras, and Apupas and Sashkalis of good taste and large size, and Karambhas and Prithumridwikas, and diverse kinds of dainties, and various kinds of soup, and Maireyaka, and Ragakhandavas, and diverse kinds of confectionary, well-prepared, soft, and of excellent fragrance, and clarified butter, and honey, and milk, and water, and sweet curds, and many kinds of fruits and roots agreeable to the taste.[106] And they that were habituated to wine drank in due time diverse kinds of intoxicating

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