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be thou, about the kind of son thou desirest.’  Thus addressed by him, the king, with joined hands, asked for a son possessed of every accomplishment, famous, of glorious feats, of great energy, and capable of chastising all foes.  And he further asked that the urine, the excreta, the phlegm and the sweat of that child should be gold.  And in due time the king had a son born unto him, who came to be named Suvarnashthivin[89] on earth.  And in consequence of the boon, that child began to increase (his father’s) wealth beyond all limits.  And king Srinjaya caused all desirable things of his to be made of gold.  And his houses and walls and forts, and the houses of all Brahmanas (within his dominions), and his beds, vehicles, and plates, and all manners of pots and cups, and palace that he owned, and all implements and utensils, domestic and otherwise were made of gold.  And in time his stock increased.  Then certain robbers hearing of the prince and seeing him to be such, assembled together and sought to injure the king.  And some amongst them said, ’We will seize the king’s son himself.  He is his father’s mine of gold.  Towards that end, therefore, we should strive.’  Then those robbers inspired with avarice, penetrating into the king’s palace, forcibly took away prince Suvarnashthivin.  Having seized and taken him to the woods, those senseless idiots, inspired with avarice but ignorant of what to do with him, slew him there and cut his body in fragments.  They saw not, however, any gold in him.  After the prince was slain, all the gold, obtained in consequence of the Rishi’s boon, disappeared.  The ignorant and senseless robbers struck one another.  And striking one another thus, they perished and with them that wonderful prince on the earth.  And those men of wicked deeds sank in an unimaginable and awful hell.  Seeing that son of his, obtained through the Rishi’s boon thus slain, that great ascetic, viz., king Srinjaya, afflicted with deep sorrow, began to lament in piteous accents.  Beholding the king afflicted with grief on account of his son, and thus weeping, the celestial Rishi Narada showed himself in his presence.  Listen, O Yudhishthira, to what Narada said unto Srinjaya, having approached that king, who afflicted with grief and deprived of his senses, was indulging in piteous lamentations.  Narada said, ’Srinjaya, with thy desires unfulfilled, thou shalt have to die, although we utterers of Brahma, live in thy house.  Avikshit’s son Marutta even, O Srinjaya, we hear, had to die.  Piqued with Vrihaspati, he had caused Samvatta[90] himself to officiate at his great sacrifices!  Unto that royal sage the illustrious lord (Mahadeva) himself had given wealth in the shape of a golden plateau of Himavat. (With that wealth) king Marutta had performed diverse sacrifices.  Unto him, after the completion of his sacrifices diverse tribes of celestials, those creators of the universe, with Indra himself in their company and with Vrihaspati at their head, used to
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