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O king, thy (other) grandson, said, ’Look well on this world, for thou shalt (soon) have to go to the other.  In the very sight of all thy kinsmen, I will despatch thee to Yama’s abode.’  Saying thus that slayer of hostile heroes, viz., the mighty-armed son of Subhadra, took out a broad-headed arrow that resembled a snake just emerged from its slough.  That shaft, sped by Abhimanyu’s arms, cut off the beautiful head, decked with ear-rings, of Lakshmana, that was graced with a beautiful nose, beautiful eye-brows, and exceedingly good-looking curls.  Beholding Lakshmana slain, thy troops uttered exclamations of Oh and, Alas.  Upon the slaughter of his dear son, Duryodhana became filled with rage.  That bull among Kshatriyas then loudly urged the Kshatriyas under him, saying, ‘Slay this one!’ Then Drona, and Kripa, and Karna, and Drona’s son and Vrihadvala, and Kritavarman, the son of Hridika,—­these six car-warriors,—–­encompassed Abhimanyu.  Piercing them with sharp arrows and beating them off from him, the son of Arjuna fell with great speed and fury upon the vast forces of Jayadratha.  Thereupon, the Kalingas, the Nishadas, and the valiant son of Kratha, all clad in mail, cut off his path by encompassing him with their elephant-division.  The battle then that took place between Phalguni’s son and those warriors was obstinate and fierce.  Then the son of Arjuna began to destroy that elephant-division as the wind coursing in every direction destroys vast masses of gathering clouds in the welkin.  Then Kratha covered the son of Arjuna with showers of arrows, while many other car-warriors headed by Drona, having returned to the field, rushed at him, scattering sharp and mighty weapons.  Checking all those weapons by means of his own arrows, the son of Arjuna began to afflict the son of Kratha with ceaseless showers of shafts, with great despatch and inspired by the desire of slaying his antagonist.  The latter’s bow and shafts, and bracelets, and arms, and head decked with diadem, and umbrella, and standard, and charioteer, and steeds, were all cut off and felled by Abhimanyu.  When Kratha’s son, possessed of nobility of lineage, good behaviour, acquaintance with the scriptures, great strength, fame, and power of arms, was slain, the other heroic combatants almost all turned away from the fight.’"[75]


“Dhritarashtra said, ’While the youthful and invincible son of Subhadra, never retreating from battle, was, after penetrating into our array, engaged in achieving feats worthy of his lineage, borne by his three-year old steeds of great might and of the best breed, and apparently trotting in the welkin, what heroes of my army encompassed him?’

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