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The mighty Jayadratha then, taking up another bow, strung it and felled Bhima’s standard and bow and steeds.  O sire!  His bow cut off, Bhimasena then jumping down from that excellent car whose steeds had been slain, mounted on the car of Satyaki, like a lion jumping to the top of a mountain.  Seeing this, thy troops were filled with joy.  And they loudly shouted, ‘Excellent!  Excellent!’ And they repeatedly applauded that feat of the ruler of the Sindhus.  Indeed, all creatures highly applauded that feat of his, which consisted in his resisting, single-handed, all the Pandavas together, excited with wrath.  The path that the son of Subhadra had made for the Pandavas by the slaughter of numerous warriors and elephants was then filled up by the ruler of the Sindhus.  Indeed, those heroes, viz., the Matsyas, the Panchalas, the Kaikeyas, and the Pandavas, exerting themselves vigorously, succeeded in approaching the presence of Jayadratha, but none of them could bear him.  Everyone amongst thy enemies who endeavoured to pierce the array that had been formed by Drona, was checked by the ruler of the Sindhus in consequence of the boon he had got (from Mahadeva).’”


“Sanjaya said, ’When the ruler of the Sindhus checked the Pandavas, desirous of success, the battle that took place then between thy troops and the enemy became awful.  The invincible son of Arjuna, of sure aim and mighty energy, having penetrated in the (Kaurava) array agitated it like a Makara agitating the ocean.  Against that chastiser of foes then, viz., the son of Subhadra, who was thus agitating the hostile host with his arrowy showers, the principal warriors of the Kaurava army rushed, each according to his rank and precedence.  The clash between them of immeasurable energy, scattering their arrowy showers with great force, on the one side and Abhimanyu alone on the other, became awful.  The son, of Arjuna, encompassed on all sides by those enemies with crowds of cars, slew the charioteer of Vrishasena and also cut off his bow.  And the mighty Abhimanyu then pierced Vrishasena’s steeds with his straight shafts, upon which those coursers, with the speed of the wind, bore Vrishasena away from the battle.  Utilizing that opportunity, Abhimanyu’s charioteer freed his car from that press by taking it away to another part of the field.  Those numerous car-warriors then, (beholding this feat) were filled with joy and exclaimed, ‘Excellent!  Excellent!’ Seeing the lion-like Abhimanyu angrily slaying the foe with his shafts and advancing from a distance.  Vasatiya, proceeding towards him quickly fell upon him with great force.  The latter pierced Abhimanyu with sixty shafts of golden wings and addressing him, said, ’As long as I am alive, thou shalt not escape with life.’  Cased though he was in an iron coat of mail, the son of Subhadra pierced him in the chest with a far-reaching shaft.  Thereupon

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