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the youthful son of Arjuna regardeth himself valourous.  He is only a fool entertaining a high opinion of himself.  Crush him, therefore, without delay.’  Thus addressed by the Kuru king, those warriors, O monarch, excited with rage and desirous of slaying their foe, rushed, in the very sight of Drona at the son of Subhadra that daughter of the Satwata race.  Duhsasana, in particular, that tiger among the Kurus, hearing those words of Duryodhana, answered the latter, saying, ’O monarch, I tell thee that even I will slay this one in the very sight of the Pandavas and before the eyes of the Panchalas.  I shall certainly devour the son of Subhadra today, like Rahu swallowing Surya (sun).’  And once more addressing the Kuru king loudly, Duhsasana said, ’Hearing that Subhadra’s son hath been slain by me, the two Krishnas, who are exceedingly vain, will without doubt, go to the region of the departed spirits, leaving this world of men.  Hearing then of the death of the two Krishnas, it is evident that the other sons born of Pandu’s wives, with all their friends, will, in course of a single day, cast away their lives from despair.  It is evident, therefore, that this one foe of thine being slain, all thy foes will be slain.  Wish me well, O king, even I will slay this foe of thine.’  Having said these words, O king, thy son Duhsasana, filled with rage and uttering a loud roar, rushed against the son of Subhadra and covered him with showers of arrows.  Abhimanyu then, O chastiser of foes, received that son of thine thus advancing upon him wrathfully, with six and twenty arrows of sharp points.  Duhsasana, however, filled with rage, and looking like an infuriated elephant, fought desperately with Abhimanyu, the son of Subhadra in that battle.  Both of them masters in car-fight, they fought on describing beautiful circles with their cars, one of them to the left and other to the right.  The warriors then, with their Panavas and Mridangas and Dundubhis and Krakachas and great Anakas and Bheris and Jharjaras, caused a deafening noise mingled with leonine roars, such as arise from the great receptacle of salt waters!”


“Sanjaya said, ’Then the intelligent Abhimanyu, with limbs mangled with arrows, smilingly addressed his foe, Duhsasana, stationed before him saying, ’By good luck it is that I behold in battle that vain hero arrived before me, who is cruel, who hath cast away all righteousness, and who brawleth out lustily his own praises.  In the assembly (for the Kurus) and in the hearing of king Dhritarashtra, thou hadst, with thy harsh speeches, angered king Yudhishthira.  Relying on the deception of the dice and the skill (therein) of Suvala’s son, thou hadst also maddened by success, addressed many delirious speech to Bhima![67] In consequence of the anger of those illustrious persons, thou art, at last, about to obtain the fruit of that conduct of thine![68].  O thou of wicked understanding,

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