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“Yudhishthira said, ’Since protected by these tigers among men, these great bowmen endued with fierce might, these warriors that resemble the Sadhyas, the Rudras, or the Maruts, or are like the Vasus, or Agni or Aditya himself in prowess, thou venturest to pierce the invincible array of Drona, and since thou speakest so, let thy strength, O son of Subhadra be increased.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Hearing these words of Yudhishthira, Abhimanyu ordered his charioteer, Sumitra, saying, Quickly urge the steeds towards Drona’s army.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Hearing these words of the intelligent Yudhishthira, the son of Subhadra, O Bharata, urged his charioteer towards Drona’s array.  The charioteer, urged by him with the words, ‘Proceed, Proceed,’ replied unto Abhimanyu, O king, in these words, ’O thou that art blest with length of days, heavy is the burthen that hath been placed upon thee by the Pandavas!  Ascertaining by thy judgment as to whether thou art able to bear it or not, thou shouldst then engage in battle.  The preceptor Drona is a master of superior weapons and accomplished (in battle).  Thou, however, hast been brought up in great luxury and art unused to battle.’

“Hearing these words, Abhimanyu replied unto his charioteer, saying with a laugh, ’O charioteer, who is this Drona?  What, again, is this vast assemblage of Kshatriyas?  Sakra himself on his Airavata and aided by all the celestials, I would encounter in battle.  I do not feel the slightest anxiety about all these Kshatriyas today.  This hostile army doth not come up to even a sixteen part of myself.  O son of a Suta, getting my maternal uncle Vishnu himself, the conqueror of the universe or my sire, Arjuna, as an antagonist in battle, fear would not enter my heart.’  Abhimanyu then, thus disregarding those words of the charioteer, urged the latter, saying, ‘Go with speed towards the army of Drona.’  Thus commanded, the charioteer, with a heart scarcely cheerful, urged Abhimanyu’s three-year old steeds, decked with golden trappings.  Those coursers, urged by Sumitra towards Drona’s army, rushed towards Drona himself, O king, with great speed and prowess.  Beholding him coming (towards them) in that way, al! the Kauravas, headed by Drona, advanced against him, as, indeed, the Pandavas followed him behind.  Then Arjuna’s son, superior to Arjuna’s self eased in golden mail and owning an excellent standard that bore the device of a Karnikara tree, fearlessly encountered, from desire of battle, warriors headed by Drona, like a lion-cub assailing a herd of elephants.  Those warriors then, filled with joy, began to strike Abhimanyu while he endeavoured to pierce their array.  And for a moment an agitation took place there, like to the eddy that is seen in the ocean where the current of the Ganga mingles with it.  The battle, O king, that commenced there, between those struggling heroes striking one another,

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