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“Karna said, ’That mighty-armed warrior will not certainly abandon the battle as long as he is alive.  Nor will he, O tiger among men, brook these leonine shouts (of ours).  Nor will the Pandavas, I think, be defeated in battle.  They are brave, endued with great might, accomplished in weapons, and difficult of being resisted in battle.  Recollecting the woes caused them by our attempts at poisoning and burning them, and the woes that arose from the match at dice, bearing in mind also their exile in, the woods, the Pandavas, I think, will not abandon the fight.  The mighty-armed Vrikodara of immeasurable energy hath already turned back (for the fight).  The son of Kunti will certainly slay many of our foremost car-warriors.  With sword and bow and dart, with steeds and elephants and men and cars,[41] with his mace made of iron, he will slay crowds (of our soldiers).  Other car-warriors headed by Satyajit, together with the Panchalas, the Kekayas, the Matsyas, and especially the Pandavas, are following him.  They are all brave, and possessed of great might and prowess.  Mighty car-warriors, they are again led by Bhima in wrath.  Those bulls of the race, surrounding Vrikodara on all sides, like the clouds surrounding the Sun, begin to approach Drona from all sides.  Closely intent upon one object, these will certainly afflict unprotected Drona, like flights of insects, on the point of death, striking a blazing lamp.  Accomplished in weapons, they are certainly competent to resist Drona.  Heavy is the burthen, I think, that now rests on Bharadwaja’s son.  Let us then quickly go to the spot where Drona is.  Let not those slay him of regulated vows like wolves slaying a mighty elephant!’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Hearing these words of Radheya, king Duryodhana then, accompanied by his brothers, O monarch, proceeded towards Drona’s car.  The noise there was deafening, of Pandava warriors returned to the fight on their cars drawn by excellent steeds of diverse hue,[42] all actuated by the desire of slaying Drona alone.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’Tell me, O Sanjaya, the distinctive indications of the cars of all those who, excited with wrath and headed by Bhimasena, had proceeded against Drona.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Beholding Vrikodara advancing (on a car drawn) by steeds of dappled hue (like:  that of the antelope), the brave grandson of Sini (Satyaki) proceeded, borne by steeds of a silvery hue.  The irresistible Yudhamanyu, excited with rage, proceeded against Drona, borne by excellent steeds of variegated hue.  Dhristadyumna, the son of the Panchala king, proceeded, borne by steeds of great fleetness in trappings of gold and of the hue of pigeons.[43] Desirous of protecting his sire, and wishing him complete success, Dhristadyumna’s son, Kshatradharman of regulated vows, proceeded., borne by red steeds.  Kshatradeva, the son of Sikhandin, himself urging well-decked steeds

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