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foot-soldiers with their vital limbs cut open, helplessly laid themselves down on the field, slain by means of Arjuna’s arrows.  And the field of battle assumed an awful aspect in consequence of those warriors slain, or in the course of being slaughtered, falling and fallen, standing or in course of being whirled along.  And the air was purified of the dust that had arisen, by means of the showers of blood (caused by Arjuna’s arrows).  And the earth, strewn with hundreds of headless trunks, became impassable.  And the car of Vibhatsu in that battle shone fiercely like the car of Rudra himself, while engaged at the end of the Yuga in destroying all creatures.  While slaughtered by Partha thus, those warriors, with their steeds and cars and elephants in great distress, ceased not to rush against him; though, deprived of life one after another, they had to become the guests of Sakra.  Then the field of battle, O chief of the Bharatas, strewn with mighty car-warriors deprived of life, looked dreadful like Yama’s domains, abounding with the spirits of the departed creatures.  Meanwhile, when Arjuna was furiously engaged (with the Samsaptakas), Drona, at the head of his forces arrayed for battle, rushed against Yudhishthira, and many warriors, accomplished in smiting and properly arrayed, followed him, actuated by the desire of seizing Yudhishthira.  The battle then that ensued became exceedingly fierce.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Having passed the night, that mighty car-warrior viz., Bharadwaja’s son, addressed Suyodhana, O monarch, saying, ’I am thine![33] I have made arrangements for Partha’s encounter with the Samsaptaka.’[34] After Partha went out for slaying the Samsaptakas, Drona then, at the head of his troops arrayed for battle, proceeded, O chief of the Bharatas, for seizing king Yudhishthira the just.  Seeing that Drona had arrayed his forces in the form of a Garuda, Yudhishthira disposed his troops in counter array in the form of a semi-circle.  In the mouth of that Garuda was the mighty car-warrior Drona himself.  And its head was formed by king Duryodhana, surrounded by his uterine brothers.  And Kritavarman and the illustrious Kripa formed the two eyes of that Garuda.  And Bhutasarman, and Kshemasarman, and the valiant Karakaksha, and the Kalingas, the Singhalas, the Easterners, the Sudras, the Abhiras, the Daserakas, the Sakas, the Yavanas, the Kamvojas, the Hangsapadas, the Surasenas, the Daradas, the Madras, and the Kalikeyas, with hundreds and thousands of elephants, steeds, cars, and foot-soldiers were stationed at its neck.  And Bhurisravah. and Salya, and Somadatta, and Valhika, these heroes, surrounded by a full Akshauhini, took up their position in the right wing.  And Vinda and Anuvinda of Avanti, and Sudakshina, the ruler of the Kamvojas, stationed themselves in the left wing at the head, however, of Drona’s son Aswatthaman.  In the back (of that Garuda) were the Kalingas, the Amvashthas,

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