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strike each other, each regarding the other as Arjuna’s self.’  ‘This is Arjuna!’ ‘This is Govinda!’ ‘They are Pandu’s son and he is of Yadu’s race!’ Uttering such exclamations, and deprived of their senses, they slew one another in that battle.  Deprived of their senses by that mighty weapon, they slew one another.  Indeed, those warriors (while striking one another) looked beautiful like blossoming Kinsukas.  Consuming those thousands of arrows shot by them, that (mighty) weapon despatched those heroes to Yama’s abode.  Then Vibhatsu, laughing, crushed with his arrows the Lalithya, the Malava, the Mavellaka, and the Trigarta warriors.  While those Kshatriyas, urged by fate, were thus slaughtered by that hero, they shot at Partha showers of diverse kinds of arrows.  Overwhelmed with those terrible showers of arrows, neither Arjuna, nor his car, nor Kesava, could any longer be seen.  Seeing their arrows strike the aim, they uttered joyous shouts.  And regarding the two Krishnas as already slain, they joyously waved their garments in the air.  And those heroes also blew their conchs and beat their drums and cymbals by thousands, and uttered many leonine shouts, O sire!  Then Krishna, covered with sweat, and much weakened, addressed Arjuna, saying, ’Where art thou, O Partha!  I do not see thee.  Art thou alive, O slayer of foes?’ Hearing those words of his, Dhananjaya with great speed dispelled, by means of the Vayavya weapon, that arrowy downpour shot by his foes.  Then the illustrious Vayu (the presiding deity of that mighty weapon) bore away crowds of Samsaptakas with steeds and elephants and cars and weapons, as if these were dry leaves of trees.  Borne away by the wind, O king, they looked highly beautiful, like flights of birds, O monarch, flying away from trees.  Then Dhananjaya, having afflicted them thus, with great speed struck hundreds and thousands of them with sharp shafts.  And he cut off their heads and also hands with weapons in their grasp, by means of his broad-headed arrows.  And he felled on the ground, with his shafts, their thighs, resembling the trunks of elephants.  And some were wounded on their backs, arms and eyes.  And thus Dhananjaya deprived his foes of diverse limbs, and cars decked and equipped according to rule, and looking like the vapour edifices in the welkin, he cut off into fragments, by means of his arrows, their riders and steeds and elephants.  And in many places crowds of cars, whose standards had been cut off, looked like forests of headless palmyras.  And elephants with excellent weapons, banners, hooks, and standards fell down like wooded mountains, split with Sakra’s thunder.  Graced with tails, looking like those of the yak, and covered with coats of mail, and with their entrails and eyes dragged out, steeds along with their riders, rolled on the ground, slain by means of Partha’s shafts.  No longer holding in their grasp the swords that had served for their nails, with their coats of mail tom, and the joints of their bones broken,
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