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turban.  Upon the fall of that hero, his followers were terrified.  And stricken with panic, they all fled away to where Duryodhana’s forces were.  Then Vasava’s son, filled with wrath, smote that mighty host with incessant showers of arrows, like the sun destroying darkness by means of his incessant rays.  Then when that host broke and melted away on all sides, and Arjuna was filled with wrath, the Trigartas were struck with fear.  While being slaughtered by Partha with his straight shafts, they remained where they stood, deprived of their senses, like a terrified, herd of deer.  Then the king of the Trigartas, filled with rage, addressed those mighty car-warrior, saying, ’Do not fly, ye heroes!  It behoveth ye not to be frightened.  Having, in the sight of all the troops, taken those terrible steps, repairing thither, what shall ye say unto the leaders of Duryodhana’s host?  Do we not incur ridicule in the world by such a (cowardly) act in battle?  Therefore, stop ye all, and fight according to your strength.’  Thus addressed, O king, those heroes, repeatedly uttering loud shouts, blew their conchs, gladdening one another.  Then those Samsaptakas once more returned to the field, with the Narayana cow-herds, resolved to fade Death himself.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Beholding those Samsaptakas once more return to the field, Arjuna addressed the high-souled Vasudeva, saying, ’Urge the steeds, O Hrishikesa, towards the Samsaptakas.  They will not give up the battle alive.  This is what I think.  Today thou shalt witness the terrible might of my arms as also of my bow.  Today I shall slay all these, like Rudra slaying creatures (at the end of the Yuga).’  Hearing these words, the invincible Krishna smiled, and gladdening him with auspicious speeches, conveyed Arjuna to those places whither the latter desired to go.  While borne in battle by those white steeds, that car looked exceedingly resplendent like a celestial car borne along the firmament.  And like Sakra’s car, O king, in the battle between the gods and the Asuras in days of old, it displayed circular, forward, backward, and diverse other kinds of motion.  Then the Narayanas, excited with wrath and armed with diverse weapons, surrounded Dhananjaya, covering him with showers of arrows.  And, O bull of Bharata’s race, they soon made Kunti’s son, Dhananjaya, together with Krishna, entirely invisible in that battle.  Then Phalguni, excited with wrath, doubled his energy, and quickly rubbing its string, grasped Gandiva, (firmly) in the battle.  Causing wrinkles to form themselves on his brow, sure indications of wrath, the son of Pandu blew his prodigious conch, called Devadatta, and then he shot the weapon called Tvashtra that is capable of slaying large bodies of foes together.  Thereupon, thousands of separate forms started into existence there (of Arjuna himself and of Vasudeva).  Confounded by those diverse images after the form of Arjuna, the troops began to

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