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“Sanjaya continued, ’Hearing those words of Drona, the ruler of the Trigartas, O monarch, with his brothers, said these words:  ’We, O king, are always humiliated by the wielder of Gandiva!  O bull of Bharata’s race, although we have done him no injury, yet he hath always injured us.  Remembering all those diverse instances of humiliation, we burn in wrath and are never able to sleep at night.  By good luck, that Arjuna, armed with weapons, will stand before us.  That therefore, which is in our heart and which we strive to accomplish, we are resolved to achieve now, that viz., which will be agreeable to thee, and which will bring us renown.  Taking him out of the field will slay him.  Let the earth today be without Arjuna or let it be without the Trigartas.  We truly swear this before thee.  This our vow will never be false.’  And Satyaratha and Satyavarman, O Bharata, and Satyavrata and Satyeshu, and Satyakarman also, having spoken similarly, those five brothers together, with ten thousand cars, came, O king, (before Duryodhana), having taken that oath on the field of battle.  And the Malavas, and the Tundikeras with thousand cars, and the tiger among men, Susarman, the ruler of Prasthala, with the Mavellakas, the Lalithas, and the Madrakas, accompanied by ten thousand cars and his brothers, and with another ten thousand cars from diverse realms came forward for taking the oath.  Then bringing fire, and each making preparations for igniting one for himself, they took up ropes Kusa grass and beautiful coats of mail.  And equipped in mail, bathed in clarified butter, clad in robes of Kusa grass, and with their bow-strings serving as girdles, those heroes, who had given away hundreds and thousands as presents to Brahmanas, who had performed many sacrifices, had been blessed with children, and were deserving of blessed regions hereafter, who had nothing more to do in this world, who were deserving of blessed regions hereafter, who were prepared to lay down their lives in battle, and who devoted their souls to the attainment of fame and victory, who were desirous of soon repairing by fair fight to those regions (hereafter) that are attainable by means only of sacrifices, with abundant presents to Brahmanas, and by means also of the rites, the chief amongst which are Brahmacharya and study of the Vedas, those heroes, having each gratified Brahmanas by giving them gold,[30] and kine, and robes, and having addressed one another in loving discourse, ignited those fires and took that vow in battle.  And in the presence of those fires, firmly resolved, they took that vow.  And having made that vow for the slaughter of Dhananjaya, they, in the hearing of creatures, very loudly said, Those regions that are for persons who have never adopted any vows, are for one who drinketh wine, those that are for him who hath adulterous connection with his preceptor’s wife, those that are for him who robbeth the property of a Brahmana, or for him who enjoyeth the king’s

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