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“Drona said, ’If the heroic Arjuna do not protect Yudhishthira in battle, thou mayst think the eldest Pandava as already brought under thy control.  As regards Partha, the very gods and the Asuras together headed by Indra, cannot advance against him in battle.  It is for this that I dare not do what thou askest me to do.  Without doubt, Arjuna is disciple, and I was his first preceptor in arms.  He is, however, young, endued with great good fortune, and excessively intent (on the achievement of his purposes).  He hath obtained, again, many weapons from Indra and Rudra.  He hath besides been provoked by thee.  I dare not, therefore, do what thou askest me.  Let Arjuna be removed, by whatsoever means that can be done, from the battle.  Upon Partha being withdrawn, thou mayst regard king Yudhishthira as already vanquished.  Upon his seizure is victory and not upon his slaughter, O bull among men!  Even by stratagem, can his seizure be accomplished.  Seizing that king devoted to truth and righteousness, I will, without doubt, O monarch, bring him to thy control this very day, if he stays before me in battle even for a moment, of course, if Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, that tiger among men, be withdrawn from the field.  In Phalguni’s presence, however, O king, Yudhishthira is incapable of being taken in battle even by the gods and the Asuras headed by Indra.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’After Drona had promised the king’s seizure even under these limitations, thy foolish sons regarded Yudhishthira as already taken.  Thy son (Duryodhana) knew Drona’s partiality for the Pandavas.  In order to make Drona stick to his promise, therefore, he divulged those counsels.  Then, O chastiser of foes, the fact of Drona’s having promised to seize the (eldest) Pandava was proclaimed by Duryodhana unto all his troops.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’After Drona had promised the kings seizure under those limitations, thy troops hearing of (that promise about) Yudhishthira’s capture, uttered many leonine shouts, mingling them with the whiz of their arrows and the blare of their conchs.  King Yudhishthira the just, however, O Bharata, soon learnt in detail, through his spies, everything about the purpose upon which Bharadwaja’s son was intent.  Then bringing together all his brothers and all the other kings of his army, king Yudhishthira the just addressed Dhananjaya, saying, ’Thou hast heard, O tiger among men, about the intention of Drona.  Let such measures, therefore, be adopted as may prevent the accomplishment of that purpose.  It is true, Drona, that grinder of foes, hath vowed his pledge, subject to limitations, however, O great bowman, rest on thee.  Fight thou, therefore, today, O thou of mighty arms, in my vicinity, so that Duryodhana may not obtain from Drona the fruition of his desire.’

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