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afflicted the five princes of Kekaya and the ruler of the Panchalas and then rushed against the division of Yudhishthira.  Then Bhimasena and Dhananjaya and the grandson of Sini, and the sons of Drupada, and the ruler of Kasi, viz., the son of Saivya, and Sivi himself, cheerfully and with loud roars covered him with their arrows.  Shafts in thousands, decked with wings of gold, shot from Drona’s bow, piercing through the bodies of the elephants and the young horses of those warriors, entered the earth, their feathers dyed with blood.  The field of battle, strewn with cars and the prostrate forms of large bands of warriors, and of elephants and steeds mangled with shafts, looked like the welkin covered with masses of black clouds.  Then Drona, desirous of the prosperity of thy sons, having thus crushed the divisions of Satyaki, and Bhima, and Dhananjaya and Subhadra’s son and Drupada, and the ruler of the Kasi, and having ground many other heroes in battle, indeed, that high-souled warrior, having achieved these and many other feats, and having, O chief of the Kurus, scorched the world like the Sun himself as he rises at the end of the Yuga, proceeded hence, O monarch, to heaven.  That hero possessed of golden car, that grinder of hostile hosts, having achieved mighty feats and slain in thousands the warriors of the Pandava host in battle, hath at last been himself slain by Dhrishtadyumna.  Having, in fact, slain more than two Akshauhinis of brave and unreturning warriors, that hero endued with intelligence, at last, attained to the highest state.  Indeed, O king, having achieved the most difficult feats, he hath, at last, been slain by the Pandavas and the Panchalas of cruel deeds.  When the preceptor was slain in battle, there arose in the welkin, O monarch, a loud uproar of all creatures, as also of all the troops.  Resounding through heaven and earth and the intermediate space and through the cardinal and the subsidiary directions, the loud cry ’O Fie!’—­of creatures; was heard.  And the gods, the Pitris, and they that were his friends, all beheld that mighty car-warrior, viz., the son of Bharadwaja, thus slain.  The Pandavas, having won the victory, uttered leonine shouts.  And the earth trembled with those loud shouts of theirs.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’How did the Pandavas and the Srinjayas slay Drona in battle,—­Drona. who was so accomplished in weapons amongst all wielders of arms?  Did his car break (in course of the fight)?  Did his bow break while he was striking (the foe)?  Or, was Drona careless at the time when he met with his death-blow?  How, indeed, O child, could Prishata’s son, (viz., Dhrishtadyumna) the prince of the Panchalas, slay that hero incapable of being humiliated by enemies, who scattered thick showers of shafts furnished with wings of gold, and who was endued with great lightness of hand, that foremost of Brahmanas, who was accomplished

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