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“Drona said, ’I know the Vedas with their six branches.  I know also the science of human affairs.  I am acquainted also with the Saiva weapon, and diverse other species of weapons.  Endeavouring to actually display all those virtues which ye, desirous of victory, have attributed to me, I will fight with the Pandavas.  I will not, however, O king, be able to slay the son of Prishata.  O bull among men, he hath been created for my slaughter.  I will fight with the Pandavas, and slay the Somakas.  As regards the Pandavas, they will not fight with me with cheerful hearts.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Thus permitted by Drona, the son, O king, then made him the commander of his forces according to the rites prescribed in the ordinance.  And the kings (in the Katirava army) headed by Duryodhana performed the investiture of Drona in the command of the forces, like the celestials headed by India in days of yore performing the investiture of Skanda.  After Drona’s installation in the command, the joy of the army expressed itself by the sound of drums and the loud blare of conchs.  Then with cries such as greet the ears en a festive day, with auspicious invocations by Brahmanas gratified with cries of Jaya uttered by foremost of Brahmanas, and with the dance of mimes, Drona was duly honoured.  And Kaurava warriors regarded the Pandayas as already vanquished.’

“Sanjaya continued.  ’Then that mighty car-warrior, viz., Bharadwaja’s son, having obtained the command, arrayed the troops in order of battle, and went out with thy sons from desire of fighting the foe.  And the ruler of the Sindhus, and the chief of the Kalingas, and thy son Vikarna, clad in mail, took up their position on the right wing (of Drona).  And Sakuni, accompanied by many foremost of horsemen battling with bright lances and belonging to the Gandhara tribe, proceeded, acting as their support.  And Kripa, and Kritavarman, and Chitrasena, and Vivinsati headed by Duhsasana, strove vigorously for protecting the left wing.  And the Kamvojas headed by Sudakshina, and the Sakas, and the Yavanas, with steeds of great fleetness, proceeded, as the latter’s support.  And the Madras, the Trigartas the Amvashthas, the Westerners, the Northerners, the Malavas, the Surasenas, the Sudras the Maladas, the Sauviras, the Kaitavas, the Easterners, and the Southerners placing thy son (Duryodhana) and the Suta’s son (Karna) at their head, forming the rear guard, gladdened warriors of their own army, added to the strength of the (advancing) force, Vikartana’s son Karna proceeded at the head of the bowmen.[10] And his blazing and large and tall standard bearing the advice of the elephant’s rope, shone with an effulgence like that of the Sun, gladdening his own divisions.  Beholding Karna, none regarded the calamity caused by Bhishma’s death.  And the kings, along with the Kurus, all became freed from grief.  And large numbers of warriors, banded

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