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“Sanjaya said, ’Then Adhiratha’s son of the Suta caste, knowing that Bhishma had been slain, became desirous of rescuing, like a brother, thy son’s army from the distress into which it had fallen, and which then resembled a boat sunk in the fathomless ocean. [Indeed], O king, having heard that that mighty car-warrior and foremost of men, that hero of unfading glory, viz., Santanu’s son, had been thrown down (from his car), that grinder of foes, that foremost of all wielders of bows, viz., Karna, soon came (to the field of battle).  When the best of car-warriors, viz., Bhishma, was slain by the foe, Karna speedily came there, desirous of rescuing the Kuru host which resembled a boat sunk in the ocean, like a sire desirous of rescuing his children.’

“And Karna (addressing the soldiers) said, ’That Bhishma who possessed firmness, intelligence, prowess, vigour, truth, self-restraint, and all the virtues of a hero, as also celestial weapons, and humidity, and modesty, agreeable speech, and freedom from malice, that ever-grateful Bhishma, that slayer of the foes of Brahmanas, in whom were these attributes as permanently as Lakshmi in the moon, alas, when that Bhishma, that slayer of hostile heroes, hath received his quietus, I regard all other heroes as already slain.  In consequence of the eternal connection (of all things) with work, nothing exists in this world that is imperishable.  When Bhisma of high vows hath been slain, who is there that would take upon himself to say with certitude that tomorrow’s sun will rise?  When he that was endued with prowess equal to that of the Vasus, he that was born of the energy of the Vasus, when he, that ruler of the earth, hath once more been united with the Vasus, grieve ye, therefore, for your possessions and children for this earth and the Kurus, and this host.’[4]

“Sanjaya continued, ’Upon the fall of that boon-giving hero of great might, that lord of the world, viz., Santanu’s son of great energy, and upon the (consequent) defeat of the Bharatas, Karna, with cheerless heart and eyes filled with tears, began to console (the Dhartarashtras).  Hearing these words of Radha’s son, thy sons, O monarch, and thy troops, began to wail aloud and shed copious tears of grief corresponding with the loudness of those wails.[5] When, however, the dreadful battle once more took place and the Kaurava divisions, urged on by the Kings, once more set up loud shouts, that bull among mighty car-warriors, viz., Karna, then addressed the great car-warriors (of the Kaurava army) and said words which caused them great delight:  In this transient world everything is continually flitting (towards the jaws of Death).  Thinking of this, I regard everything as ephemeral.  When, however, all of you were here, how could Bhishma, that bull among the Kurus, immovable as a hill, be thrown down from his car?  When that mighty car-warrior,

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