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and heaven-leading words, O sire, that I say.  O Bharata, I no longer desire to protect, O sire, this body of mine.  I have passed much time in slaying large numbers of men in battle.  If thou wishest to do what is agreeable to me, strive to slay me, placing Partha with the Panchalas and the Srinjayas at thy van’.  Ascertaining this to be his intention, king Yudhishthira of true sight proceeded to battle with the Srinjayas (for his support).  Then Dhrishtadyumna, O king, and Pandu’s son Yudhishthira, having heard those words of Bhishma urged their array on.  And Yudhishthira said, ’Advance!  Fight!  Vanquish Bhishma in battle.  Ye all will be protected by that conqueror of foes, viz., Jishnu of unbaffled aim.  And this great bowman, this generalissimo (of our forces), viz., the son of Prishata, as also Bhima, will assuredly protect you.  Ye Srinjayas, entertain no fear today of Bhishma in battle.  Without doubt, we will vanquish Bhishma today, placing Sikhandin in our van’.  Having, on the tenth day of battle, made such a vow, the Pandavas, resolved to (conquer or) go to heaven, advanced, blinded by rage, with Sikhandin and Dhananjaya the son of Pandu to the fore.  And they made the most vigorous efforts for the overthrow of Bhishma.  Then diverse kings, of great might, urged by thy son, and accompanied by Drona and his son and a large force, and the mighty Dussasana at the head of all his uterine brothers, proceeded towards Bhishma staying in the midst of that battle.  Then those brave warriors of thy army, placing Bhishma of high vows in their van, battled with the Parthas headed by Sikhandin.  Supported by the Chedis and the Panchalas, the ape-bannered Arjuna, placing Sikhandin ahead, proceeded towards Bhishma, the son of Santanu.  And the grandson of Sini battled with Drona’s son, and Dhrishtaketu with the descendant of Puru, and Yudhamanyu with thy son Duryodhana at the head of his followers.  And Virata, at the head of his forces, encountered Jayadratha supported by his own troops.  And Vardhakshatra’s heir, O chastiser of foes, encountered thy son Chitrasena armed with excellent bow and arrows.[479] And Yudhishthira proceeded against the mighty bowman Salya at the head of his troops.  And Bhimasena, well-protected, proceeded against the elephant-division (of the Kaurava army).  And Dhrishtadyumna, the prince of Panchala, excited with fury and accompanied by his brothers, proceeded against Drona, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, invincible, and irresistible.  That chastiser of foes, viz., prince Vrihadvala, bearing on his standard the device of the lion, proceeded against Subhadra’s son whose standard bore the device of the Karnikara flower.  Thy sons, accompanied by many kings, proceeded against Sikhandin and Dhananjaya the son of Pritha, from desire of slaughtering both of them.  When the combatants of both armies rushed against each other with awful prowess, the earth shook (under their tread).  Beholding Santanu’s
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