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Sanjaya said, “Beholding his own troops slain, king Duryodhana then excited with wrath, rushed towards Bhimasena, that chastiser of foes.  Taking up a large bow whose effulgence resembled that of Indra’s bolt, he covered the son of Pandu with a thick shower of arrows.  And filled with rage, and aiming a sharp crescent-shaped shaft winged with feathers, he cut off Bhimasena’s bow.  And that mighty car-warrior, noticing an opportunity, quickly aimed at his adversary a whetted shaft capable of riving the very hills.  With that (shaft), that mighty-armed (warrior) struck Bhimasena in the chest.  Deeply pierced with that arrow, and exceedingly pained, and licking the corners of his mouth, Bhimasena of great energy caught hold of his flag-staff decked with gold.  Beholding Bhimasena in that cheerless state, Ghatotkacha blazed up with wrath like an all-consuming conflagration.  Then many mighty car-warriors of the Pandava army, headed by Abhimanyu and with wrath generated (in their bosoms), rushed at the king shouting loudly.  Beholding them (thus) advancing (to the fight) filled with wrath and in great fury, Bharadwaja’s son addressing the mighty car-warriors (of thy side), said these words,—­’Go quickly, blessed be ye, and protect the king.  Sinking in an ocean of distress, he is placed in a situation of great danger.  These mighty car-warriors of the Pandava army, these great bowmen, placing Bhimasena at their head, are rushing towards Duryodhana, shooting and hurling diverse kinds of weapons, resolved upon winning success, uttering terrible shouts, and frightening the kings (on your side)’.  Hearing these words of the preceptor, many warriors of thy side headed by Somadatta rushed upon the Pandava ranks.  Kripa and Bhurisravas and Salya, and Drona’s son and Vivingsati, and Chitrasena and Vikarna, and the ruler of the Sindhus, and Vrihadvala, and those two mighty bowmen, viz., the two princes of Avanti, surrounded the Kuru king.  Advancing only twenty steps, the Pandavas and the Dhartarashtras began to strike, desirous of slaughtering each other.  The mighty-armed son of Bharadwaja also, having said those words (unto the Dhartarashtra warriors), stretched his own large bow and pierced Bhima with six and twenty arrows.  And once again that mighty car-warrior speedily covered Bhimasena with a shower of arrows like a mass of clouds dropping torrents of rain on the mountain-breasts in the rainy season.  That mighty bowman Bhimasena, however, of great strength, speedily pierced him in return with ten shafts on the left side.  Deeply pierced with those arrows and exceedingly pained, O Bharata, the preceptor, enfeebled as he is with age, suddenly sat down on the terrace of his car, deprived of consciousness.  Beholding him thus pained, king Duryodhana himself, and Aswatthaman also, excited with wrath, both rushed towards Bhimasena.  Beholding those two warriors advance, each like Yama as he shows himself at the end of the Yuga, the mighty-armed Bhimasena, quickly

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