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king Duryodhana, O sire, overwhelmed with great grief, went to Bhishma, and there, overcome with sorrow, he began to lament, saying, ’My heroic brothers have been slain in battle by Bhimasena.  Although, again, all our troops are fighting bravely, yet they also are failing.  Thou seemest to disregard us, behaving (as thou dost) like an indifferent spectator, Alas, what course have I taken.  Behold my evil destiny.’”

Sanjaya continued.  “Hearing these cruel words of Duryodhana, thy sire Devavrata with eyes filled with tears, said this unto him.[431] ’Even this was said by me before, as also by Drona, and Vidura, and the renowned Gandhari.  O son, thou didst not then comprehend it.  O grinder of foes, it hath also been before settled by me that neither myself, nor Drona, will ever escape with life from this battle.  I tell thee truly that those upon whom Bhima will cast his eyes in battle, he will surely slay.  Therefore, O king, summoning all thy patience, and firmly resolved on battle, fight with the sons of Pritha, making heaven thy goal.  As regards the Pandavas, they are incapable of being vanquished by the very gods with Vasava (at their head).  Therefore, setting thy heart firmly on battle, fight, O Bharata.—­’”


Dhritarashtra said, “Beholding my sons, so many in number, O Sanjaya, slain by a single person, what did Bhishma and Drona and Kripa do in battle?[432] Day after day, O Sanjaya, my sons are being slain.  I think, O Suta, that they are completely overtaken by evil destiny, inasmuch as my sons never conquer but are always vanquished.  When my sons staying in the midst of those unretreating heroes, viz., Drona and Bhishma, and the high-souled Kripa, and Somadatta’s heroic son and Bhagadatta, and Aswatthaman also, O son, and other brave warriors, are being still slain in battle, what can it be said save the result of fate?[433] The wicked Duryodhana did not comprehend (our) words before, though admonished by me, O son, and by Bhishma and Vidura. (Though forbidden) always by Gandhari, too, from motives of doing him good, Duryodhana of wicked understanding awoke not before from folly.[434] That (conduct) hath now borne fruit, inasmuch as Bhimasena, excited with wrath, despatcheth, day after day in battle, my insensate sons to the abode of Yama.”

Sanjaya said, “Those excellent words of Vidura, uttered for thy good, but which thou didst not then understand, have now come to be realised.  Vidura had said, ‘Restrain thy sons from the dice.’  Like a man whose hour is come refusing the proper medicine, thou didst not then listen to the words of well-wishing friends counselling thee (for thy good).  Those words uttered by the righteous have now been realised before thee.  Indeed, the Kauravas are now being destroyed for having rejected those words, deserving of acceptance, of Vidura and Drona and Bhishma and thy other well-wishers.  These very consequences

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