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Santanu, in that great battle proceeded towards his tent.  And Drona, and Drona’s son, and Kripa, and Salya, and Kritavarman of the Satwata race, surrounding the whole (Dhartarashtra) army, proceeded towards their tents.  And similarly Satyaki also, O king, and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, surrounding their army, proceeded towards their tents.  It was thus, O king, that those chastisers of foes, viz., thy troops and the Pandavas, ceased to fight when darkness came.  Then the Pandavas, and the Kauravas, retiring to their tents, entered the same, applauding one another.  And making arrangements for the protection of their brave warriors and disposing outposts according to rule, they plucked out the arrows (from their bodies) and bathed in diverse kinds of water.  And Brahmanas performed propitiatory rites for them, and bards sang their praises.  And those renowned men sported for a while in accompaniment with music both vocal and instrumental.  And for a while the whole scene resembled heaven itself.  And those bulls among men for a while spoke not of battle.  And when both armies abounding with tired men and elephants and steeds slept there, they became, O monarch, beautiful to behold.”


Sanjaya said, “Having passed the night in sound steep, those rulers of men, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, once more proceeded to battle.  And when the troops of both armies were about to proceed to the field, great was the uproar heard there, resembling the loud uproar of the ocean itself.  Then king Duryodhana, and Chitrasena, and Vivinsati, and that foremost of car-warriors, viz., Bhishma and Bharadwaja’s son possessed of great prowess,—­those mighty car-warriors, clad in mail and uniting together, O King, formed with great care the array of the Kauravas against the Pandavas.  Having formed that mighty array fierce as the ocean and having for its billows and current its steeds and elephants, thy sire Bhishma, the son of Santanu, then, O king, proceeded in the van of the whole army, supported by the Malavas, and the inhabitants of the southern countries, and the Avantis.  Next to him was the valiant son of Bharadwaja, accompanied by the Pulindas, the Paradas, and the Kshudraka-Malavas.  Next to Drona was the valiant Bhagadatta.  O king, firmly resolved on fight, accompanied by the Magadhas, the Kalingas, and the Pisachas.  Behind Bhagadatta was Vrihadvala the king of the Kosalas accompanied by the Melakas, the Tripuras, and the Chichilas.  Next to Vrihadvala was the brave Trigarta, the ruler of the Prasthala, accompanied by a large number of the Kamvojas, and by Yavanas in thousands.  Next to the ruler of the Trigartas, O Bharata, proceeded that mighty hero, viz., the son of Drona, uttering leonine roars and filling the earth with those shouts.  Next to Drona’s son proceeded king Duryodhana with the whole army, surrounded by his uterine brothers. 

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