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to proceed, facing the west.  Incapable of being defeated by enemies, it looked beautiful in every point.  Beholding then the array called Mandala that was exceedingly fierce, king Yudhishthira himself disposed his troops in the array called Vajra.  And when the divisions were thus arrayed, car-warriors and horsemen, stationed in their proper places, uttered leonine shouts.  Accompanied by their respective forces, the brave warriors of both armies, well versed in smiting, and longing for battle, proceeded, desirous of breaking each other’s array.  And Bharadwaja’s son proceeded against the king of the Matsyas, and his son (Aswatthaman) against Sikhandin.  And king Duryodhana himself rushed against the son of Prishata.  And Nakula and Sahadeva went forth against the king of the Madras.  And Vinda and Anuvinda of Avanti proceeded against Iravat.  And many kings together battled with Dhananjaya.  And Bhimasena, exerting himself well, opposed the son of Hridika in battle.  And possessed of great prowess, (Abhimanyu) the son of Arjuna, fought in battle, O king, against the sons Chitrasena and Vikarna, and Durmarshana.  And Hidimva’s son, that prince of the Rakshasas, rushed against that mighty bowman, the ruler of the Pragjyotishas, like one infuriate elephant against another.  And the Rakshasa Alamvusha, O king, excited with wrath, rushed in battle against the invincible Satyaki in the midst of his followers.  And Bhurisravas, exerting himself greatly, fought against Dhrishtaketu.  And Yudhishthira, the son of Dharma, proceeded against king Srutayush.  And Chekitana in that battle fought against Kripa.  And others (among the Kuru warriors), exerting themselves powerfully, proceeded against that mighty car-warrior Bhima.  And thousands of (other) kings surrounded Dhananjaya, with darts, lances, arrows, maces, and spiked clubs in their hands.  Then Arjuna, excited with great wrath, addressing him of Vrishni’s race, said, ’Behold, O Madhava, the Dhartarashtra troops in battle, arrayed by the high-souled son of Ganga, acquainted with every kind of array.  Behold, O Madhava, those brave warriors, countless in number, and desirous of battle (with me).  Behold, O Kesava, the ruler of the Trigartas with his brothers.[412] This very day I shall slay them all, O Janardana, before thy eyes,—­them, that is, O foremost of the Yadus, who, longing for battle (with me), are on the field.’  Having said these words, the son of Kunti, rubbing his bowstring, showered his arrows on that multitude of kings.  And those great bowmen also, poured on him thick showers of arrows, like clouds that fill a lake with torrents of rain in the rainy season.  And loud shouts were heard in thy army, O monarch, when in that great battle the two Krishnas were seen covered with thick showers of arrows.  And the gods, the celestial Rishis, and the Gandharvas with the Uragas, beholding the two Krishnas in that state, were filled with great wonder.  Then Arjuna, O king, excited with wrath, invoked the Aindra weapon.  And then the prowess
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