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And they struck the renowned Satanika with showers of arrows.  Then the five Kekaya brothers, excited with wrath, approached (Satanika for rescuing him).  Beholding the latter coming upon them, thy sons—­those mighty car-warriors,—­rushed towards them like elephants rushing against mighty elephants. (These amongst thy sons, viz.,) Durmukha and Durjaya and the youthful Durmarshana and Satranjaya and Satrusha, all renowned warriors, excited with rage, proceeded, O king, against the (five) Kekaya brothers.  On their cars that resembled (fortified) towns, unto which were yoked steeds decked with ornaments, and which were graced with beautiful standards of variegated hue, those heroes wielding excellent bows and cased in beautiful coats of mail and owning excellent standards, entered the hostile army like lions entering one forest from another.  Smiting one another, fierce and terrific was the battle that ensued between them and the foe, in which cars and elephants got entangled with one another.  Cherishing feelings of hostility towards one another, the terrible battle in which they took part lasted for a short space of time about sunset, increasing the population of Yama’s kingdom.  And car-warriors and horsemen by thousands were strewn over the field.  And Bhishma the son of Santanu excited with wrath, began to slaughter the troops of the high-souled Pandavas with his straight shafts.  And with his arrows he began to despatch the combatants of the Panchalas to the domains of Yama.  And the grandsire, having thus broken the ranks of the Pandavas at last withdrew his troops and retired, O king, to his encampment.  And king Yudhishthira also, beholding both Dhrishtadyumna and Vrikodara, smelt their heads, and filled with joy, retired to his tents.”


Sanjaya said, “Then those heroes, O king, who cherished feelings of hostility towards one another, retired to their tents, their persons covered with blood.  Having rested for a while agreeably to rule, and praising one another (for the feats of the day), they were again seen clad in mail, desirous of battle.  Then thy son, O king, overwhelmed with anxiety and covered with blood trickling down (from his wounds), asked the grandsire, saying.[406] ’Our troops are fierce and terrible and carry innumerable standards.  They are, again, arrayed properly.  Yet the brave and mighty car-warriors of the Pandavas, having penetrated (into our array) and afflicted and slaughtered (our troops), escaped unhurt.[407] Confounding us all, they have won great fame in battle.  Bhima again, having penetrated into our Makara array which was strong as the thunder-bolt, afflicted me with his terrible shafts each resembling the rod of Death.  Beholding him excited with wrath, O king, I was deprived of my senses.  Even now I cannot regain my peace of mind.  Through thy grace, O thou that art firm in truth, I desire to obtain victory and slay the

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