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hero conversant with all modes of warfare, though thus struck with sharp arrows in that battle, did not waver.  On the other hand, that mighty car-warrior, the youthful son of Drupada, beholding those heroic sons of thine staying before him in battle and exerting themselves to their utmost being desirous of slaying them applied that fierce weapon called Pramohana and engaged with thy sons, O king, like Indra with the Danavas in battle.  Then those heroic warriors were deprived of their senses, their minds and strength afflicted by the Pramohana weapon.  And the Kauravas fled away in all directions, with their steeds and elephants and cars, beholding those sons of thine deprived of their senses in a swoon like those whose hours had come.  And at that time Drona, the foremost of all wielders of weapons, approaching Drupada, pierced him with three fierce shafts.  And that monarch then, O king, viz., Drupada, deeply pierced by Drona, left the battle, O Bharata, remembering his former hostility (with Bharadwaja’s son).  Thereupon Drona endued with great prowess having thus vanquished Drupada, blew his conch.  And hearing the blare of his conch, all the Somakas were struck with fear.  Then Drona, possessed of great energy, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, heard of thy sons being deprived of their senses in battle with the Pramohana weapon.  Then the son of Bharadwaja, desirous of rescuing the princes, speedily left that part of the field where he was and proceeded to the place where thy sons were.  And that mighty bowman viz., Bharadwaja’s son of great prowess, there beheld Dhrishtadyumna and Bhima careering through the field in that dreadful conflict.  And that mighty car-warrior beheld thy sons deprived of their senses.  Taking up then the weapon called Prajna, he neutralised the Pramohana weapon (that Dhrishtadyumna had shot).  Then thy sons those mighty car-warriors, when their senses returned, once more proceeded to battle with Bhima and Prishata’s son.  Then Yudhishthira, addressing his own troops said, ’Let twelve brave car-warriors cased in mail and headed by Subhadra’s son, follow, to the utmost of their might, the track of Bhima and Prishata’s son in battle.  Let intelligence be had (of those two warriors).  My heart is very uneasy.’  Thus ordered by the king, those heroes possessed of great prowess in battle and proud of their manliness, saying ‘Yes,’ all proceeded forward when the sun had reached the meridian.  And those chastisers of foes then, viz., the Kaikeyas and the sons of Draupadi, and Dhrishtaketu of great prowess, supported by a large force and with Abhimanyu at their head, and disposing themselves in the array called Suchimukha,[405] penetrated into that car-division of the Dhartarashtras in battle.  And thy troops, O king, struck with the fear of Bhimasena and deprived of their senses by Dhrishtadyumna, were unable to resist (the rush of) those mighty bowmen headed by Abhimanyu.  And they were quite helpless,
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