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“The heroic Bhimasena, having with his sharp shafts broken thy mighty array, then came upon all the younger brothers of Duryodhana.  The mighty Bhima, beholding Dussasana and Durvisaha and Dussaha and Durmada and Jaya, and Jayasena and Vikarna and Chitrasena and Sudarsana, and Charuchitra and Suvarman and Duskarna and Karna, and many other mighty car-warriors, excited with rage, of the Dhartarashtra host near enough to himself, penetrated into (thy) mighty array that was protected by Bhishma in that battle.  Then, beholding him in their midst, all those warriors said, ’Ye kings, let us take this one’s life’!—­Thereupon that son of Pritha was surrounded by those cousins of his who were firmly resolved (to take his life).  And Bhima then resembled Surya himself of fierce splendour surrounded by the mighty planets of evil nature, at the time of the universal destruction.  And although the son of Pandu was there in the very midst of the (Kaurava) array, yet fear entered not his heart, as it did not that of Indra while surrounded by the Danavas in the fierce battle of old between the celestials and the Asuras.  Then thousands of car-warriors armed with all weapons and fully prepared for battle overwhelmed his single self with terrible shafts.  Thereupon the heroic Bhima, disregarding the sons of Dhritarashtra, slew in that conflict many foremost warriors (of the Kaurava army) fighting from cars or upon the back of elephants and steeds.  And ascertaining the purpose harboured by those cousins of his who were bent upon his destruction, the mighty Bhima set his heart upon slaying them all.  Then leaving his car and taking up his mace, the son of Pandu began to smite that very sea of Dhartarashtra troops.

“Then when Bhimasena thus penetrated the Dhartarashtra host, Dhrishtadyumna the son of Prishata, forsaking Drona (with whom he had been engaged), quickly proceeded to the spot where Suvala’s son was stationed.  That bull among men, baffling countless warriors of thy army, came upon the empty car of Bhimasena in that battle.  And beholding in that conflict Visoka, the charioteer of Bhimasena, Dhrishtadyumna, O king, became exceedingly cheerless and almost deprived of his senses.  With voice choked in tears, and sighing as he spoke, he asked Visoka, in grief, saying, ‘Where is Bhima who is dear to me as my life itself?’ Visoka then, joining his hands, replied unto Dhrishtadyumna saying, ’The mighty son of Pandu, endued with great strength, ordering me to wait for him here, hath alone penetrated into the Dhartarashtra host that resembleth the very ocean.  That tiger among men very cheerfully said unto me these words—­’Wait for me, O charioteer, restraining the steeds for a short space of time, that is, till I slay those that are bent upon my destruction.—­Beholding then the mighty Bhima rushing mace in hand, all our troops (that supported him) became filled with delight.  Then in this fierce and terrible battle, O prince, thy friend, breaking the mighty array (of the foe),

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