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and the twins, looked beautiful like the night decorated with stars.  And thy army also, with Bhishma and Kripa and Drona and Salya and Duryodhana, and others, shone like the firmament spangled with the planets.  And Bhimasena the son of Kunti, endued with great prowess, beholding Drona rushed against the division of Bharadwaja’s son, borne by his steeds of great fleetness.  Then Drona, excited with wrath in that conflict and endued with great energy, pierced Bhima with nine shafts made wholly of iron, aiming his vital limbs.  Deeply pierced by Bharadwaja’s son in that conflict, Bhima despatched Drona’s charioteer to the region of Yama.  Thereupon the son of Bharadwaja, endued with great prowess, himself restraining his steeds, began to consume the Pandava army like fire consuming a heap of cotton.  And while thus slaughtered, O king, by Drona and Bhishma, the Srinjayas along with the Kekayas took to flight.  And so thy troops also, mangled by Bhima and Arjuna, became deprived of their senses as they stood, like a beautiful female in her pride.  And in that conflict destructive of heroes great was the distress, O Bharata, that befell both thy army and theirs.  And we beheld the wonderful sight, O Bharata, of the troops fighting with one another regardless of their lives.[403] And the Pandavas and the Kauravas, O king, in that conflict, fought with one another counteracting one another’s weapons.”


Dhritarashtra said, “Our army is possessed of many excellencies, consisting of diverse forces, its efficiency is great.  It is again arrayed according to the rules of science and, therefore, ought to be irresistible.  It is attached to us exceedingly, and always devoted to us.  It is submissive, and free from the faults of drunkenness and licentiousness.  Its prowess had before been tested.  The soldiers are neither very old nor very young.  They are neither lean nor corpulent.  Of active habits, of well-developed and strong frames, they are free from disease.  They are cased in mail and well-equipped with arms.  They are exercised in every kind of weapons.  They are skilled in encounters with swords, with bare arms, and with maces.  They are well-exercised in lances, sabres, and darts, as also in iron clubs, short arrows, javelins and mallets.  They are devoted to all kinds of armed exercises, and are adepts in mounting upon and descending from the backs of elephants, in moving forward and stepping back, in smiting effectually, in marching and retreating.  Many a time have they been tested in the management of elephants and steeds and cars.  Having been examined duly they have been entertained on pay, and not for the sake of lineage, nor from favour nor from relationship, nor from strength of attachments, nor from connections of birth and blood.  They are all respectable and honest, and their kinsmen have been well-treated and gratified by us.  We have done them many good offices.  They are, besides,

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