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elephants (called Airavata).  And many car-warriors also, in that conflict, the Jalas of whose cars had been broken, were like branches of trees dragged down by tuskers, seized by the hair of their heads and, thrashed violently on the ground, were crushed into shapeless masses.  And other huge elephants, dragging cars that were entangled with other cars, ran in all directions shrieking loudly.  And those elephants, thus dragging those cars, looked like others of their species dragging lotus-stalks growing in lakes.  And thus was that vast field of battle strewn over with cavalry soldiers and foot-soldiers and great car-warriors and standards.”


Sanjaya said, “Sikhandin with Virata king of the Matsyas speedily approached Bhishma that invincible and mighty bowman.  And Dhananjaya encountered Drona and Kripa, and Vikarna and many other kings, brave in battle, all mighty bowmen endued with great strength, as also that mighty bowman the ruler of the Sindhus supported by his friends and kinsmen and many kings of the west and the south also, O bull of Bharata’s race.  And Bhimasena proceeded against that mighty bowman, viz., thy vindictive son Duryodhana, and also against Dussaha.  And Sahadeva proceeded against those invincible warriors, viz., Sakuni and that mighty car-warrior Uluka, those great bowmen, who were sire and son.  And that mighty car-warrior Yudhishthira, deceitfully treated by thy son, proceeded in that battle, O king, against the elephant division (of the Kauravas).  And that son of Pandu and Madri, viz., the heroic Nakula capable of wringing tears from the foe, engaged in battle with the excellent car-warriors of the Trigartas.  And those invincible warriors, viz., Satyaki and Chekitana, and the mighty son of Subhadra, proceeded against Salya and the Kaikeyas.  And Dhrishtaketu and the Rakshasa Ghatotkacha, both invincible in battle, proceeded against the car-division of thy sons.  And that mighty car-warrior Dhrishtadyumna, that generalissimo (of the Pandava forces) of immeasurable soul, engaged in battle, O king, with Drona of fierce achievements.  And it was thus that those heroic and mighty bowmen of thy army and the Pandavas, engaged in battle, began to strike one another.  And when the sun had reached the meridian and the sky was brilliantly illumined by his rays, the Kauravas and the Pandavas began to slay one another.  Then cars, furnished with standards from whose tops pennons were afloat, variegated with gold and covered with tiger-skins, looked beautiful as they moved on the field of battle.  And the shouts of warriors engaged in battle from desire of vanquishing one another, became as loud as leonine roars.  And that encounter which we beheld between the heroic Srinjayas and the Kurus, was fierce in the extreme and highly wonderful.  And in consequence of the arrows shot all around, we could not, O king, distinguish, O chastiser of foes, the firmament, the

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