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and winged with the feathers of the kanka bird.  Then Duryodhana, O king, in that great battle, excited with wrath, struck Bhimasena in the breast with nine shafts.  Then the mighty-armed Bhima of great strength mounted on his own excellent car and addressing (his charioteer) Visoka, said, ’These heroic and mighty sons of Dhritarashtra, all great car-warriors, are exceedingly angry with me and desirous of slaying me in battle.  I will slay all these today in thy sight, without doubt.  Therefore, O charioteer, guide my steed in battle with care.’  Having said this, O monarch, Pritha’s son pierced thy son with sharp-pointed arrows decked with gold.  And he pierced Nandaka in return with three arrows between his two breasts.  Then Duryodhana having pierced the mighty Bhima with six arrows pierced Visoka in return with three other sharp arrows.  And Duryodhana, O king, as if smiling the while, with three other sharp arrows cut off at the grasp the resplendent bow of Bhima in that battle.  Bhima then, that bull among men, beholding his charioteer Visoka afflicted, in that conflict, with sharp shafts by thy son armed with the bow, and unable to bear it, drew another excellent bow, excited with wrath, for the destruction of thy son, O monarch.  And excited with great wrath, he also took up an arrow with horse-shoe head and furnished with excellent wings.  And with that (arrow) Bhima cut off the excellent bow of the king.  Then thy son, excited to the highest pitch of fury, leaving that broken bow aside, speedily took up another that was tougher.  And aiming a terrible shaft blazing as Death’s rod, the Kuru king, excited with rage struck Bhimasena between his two breasts.  Deeply pierced therewith, and greatly pained, he sat down on the terrace of his car.  And while seated on the terrace of his car, he swooned away.  Beholding Bhima thus unmanned, the illustrious and mighty car-warriors of the Pandava army, headed by Abhimanyu could not bear it.  And those warriors then, with great steadiness, showered on thy sons’ head a thick down-pour of fierce shafts.  Then the mighty Bhimasena, regaining consciousness, pierced Duryodhana at first with those shafts and then with five.  And that mighty bowman the son of Pandu then pierced Salya with five and twenty shafts furnished with golden wings.  And pierced therewith, Salya was borne away from the battle.  Then thy fourteen sons, viz., Senapati, Sushena, Jalasandha, Sulochana, Ugra, Bhimaratha, Bhima, Viravahu, Aolupa, Durmukha, Dushpradarsha, Vivitsu, Vikata, and Sama, then encountered Bhimasena in battle.  United together they rushed against Bhimasena, and with eyes red in wrath, showering countless arrows, they pierced him deeply.  Then the heroic and mighty Bhimasena of strong arms, beholding thy sons, licking the corners of his mouth like a wolf in the midst of smaller creatures, fell upon them with the impetuosity of Garuda.  And the son of Pandu then cut off the head of Senapati with a shaft having a horse-shoe
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