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in that terrible and awful battle, car-warriors were seen to run away in all directions.  Then Bhishma and Drona, and Jayadratha, the ruler of the Sindhus and Purumitra, and Vikarna, and Sakuni the son of Suvala-these warriors invincible in battle and possessed of leonine prowess-staying in battle broke the ranks of the Pandavas.  And so Bhimasena and the Rakshasa Ghatotkacha, and Satyaki, and Chekitana, and the sons of Draupadi, O Bharata, supported by all the kings (on their side), began to grind thy troops and thy sons stationed in battle, like the gods grinding the Danavas.  And those bulls among Kshatriyas, striking one another in battle, became terrible to behold and covered with blood shone like Kinsukas.  And the foremost warriors of both armies, vanquishing their opponents, looked, O king, like the planetary luminaries in the firmament.  Then thy son Duryodhana, supported by a thousand cars, rushed to battle with the Pandavas and the Rakshasa.  And so all the Pandavas, with a large body of combatants rushed in battle against those chastisers of foes, the heroic Bhishma and Drona.  And the diadem-decked (Arjuna) also, excited with rage rushed against the foremost of kings.  And Arjuna’s son (Abhimanyu), and Satyaki, both advanced against the forces of Suvala’s son.  And then commenced once more a fearful battle, making the hair to stand on end, between thine and the enemy’s troops both desirous of vanquishing each other.”


Sanjaya said, “Then those kings, excited with rage, beholding Phalguni in battle, surrounded him on all sides with many thousands of cars.  And having, O Bharata surrounded him with multitudinous division of cars, they shrouded him from all sides with many thousands of shafts.  And bright lances of sharp points, and maces, and clubs endued with spikes, and bearded darts and battle-axes, and mallets and bludgeons they hurled at Phalguni’s car, excited with rage.  And that shower of weapons approaching (towards him) like a flight of locusts, Pritha’s son checked on all sides with his gold-decked arrows.  And beholding there on that occasion the superhuman lightness of hand that Vibhatsu possessed, the gods, the Danavas, the Gandharvas, the Pisachas, the Uragas and the Rakshasas eulogised Phalguni, O king, saying,—­’Excellent, Excellent.’  And the heroic Gandharvas along with Suvala’s son with a large force surrounded Satyaki and Abhimanyu.  Then the brave warriors led by Suvala’s son from anger, cut into pieces the excellent car of the Vrishni hero, with weapons of diverse kinds.  And in course of that fierce conflict, Satyaki, abandoning that car of his, speedily mounted on Abhimanyu’s car, O chastiser of foes.  And those two, mounted on the same car, then began to speedily slaughter the army of Suvala’s son with straight arrows of sharp points.  And Drona and Bhishma, steadily struggling in battle, began to slaughter the division of king Yudhishthira the

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