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loud cries, O Bharata, of oh and alas arose among the troops of the Pandavas.  Then Bhishma the son of Santanu, with bow always drawn to a circle, shot therefrom blazing arrows that resembled virulent poison.  And creating continuous lines of arrows in all directions, that hero of rigid vows slew Pandava car-warriors, naming each, O Bharata, beforehand.  And then when the troops of the Pandavas were routed and crushed all over the field, the sun set and nothing could be seen.  And then beholding Bhishma, O bull of Bharata’s race, proudly standing in battle, the Parthas withdrew their forces (for nightly rest).”


Sanjaya said, “When the troops, O bull of Bharata’s race, were withdrawn on the first day, and when Duryodhana was filled with delight upon (beholding) Bhishma excited with wrath in battle, king Yudhisthira the just, speedily repaired unto Janardana, accompanied by all his brothers and all the kings (on his side).  Filled with great grief thinking of his defeat, and beholding Bhishma’s prowess, O king, he addressed that scion of Vrishni’s race, saying, ’Behold, O Krishna, that mighty bowman Bhishma of terrible prowess.  He consumes with his arrow my troops like fire (consuming) dry grass.  How shall we even look at that high-souled (warrior) who is licking up my troops like fire fed with clarified butter?  Beholding; that tiger among men, that mighty warrior armed with the bow, my troops fly away, afflicted with arrows.  Enraged Yama himself, or He armed with the thunder, or even Varuna noose in hand, or Kuvera armed with mace, may be vanquished in battle but the mighty car-warrior Bhishma, of great energy is incapable of being vanquished.  Such being the case, I am sinking in the fathomless ocean represented by Bhishma, without a boat (to rescue me).[352] In consequence, O Kesava, of the weakness of my understanding, having obtained Bhishma (for a foe in battle), I shall, O Govinda, retire into woods.  To live there is preferable to devoting these lords of earth to Death in the form of Bhishma.  Conversant with mighty weapons, Bhishma, O Krishna, will annihilate my army.  As insects rush into the blazing fire for their own destruction, the combatants of my army are even so.  In putting forth prowess for the sake of kingdom, O thou of Vrishni’s race, I am being led to destruction.  My heroic brothers also are pained and afflicted with arrows for my sake, having been deprived of both sovereignty and happiness in consequence of their love for their eldest brother.  We regard life very highly, for, under these circumstances, life is too precious (to be sacrificed).  During the remainder of my days I will practise the severest of ascetic austerities.  I will not, O Kesava, cause these friends of mine to be slain.[353] The mighty Bhishma incessantly stays, with his celestial weapon, many thousands of my car-warriors who are foremost of smiters.  Tell me, O Madhava, without

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