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ran in all directions.  The foot-soldiers that protected the elephants, endued with broad chests, and capable of smiting effectually, with wrath excited, and armed with pikes and bows, and bright battle-axes, and with maces and clubs, and short arrows, and lances, and with shafts, and stout bludgeons mounted with iron spikes and swords, well-grasped of the brightest polish, ran hither and thither, O king, and seemed resolved to take one another’s life.  And the sabres of brave combatants rushing against one another steeped in human blood, seemed to shine brightly.  And the whiz of swords whirled and made to descend by heroic arms and falling upon the vital parts (of the bodies) of foes, became very loud.  And the heart-ending wails of combatants in multitudinous hosts, crushed with maces and clubs, and cut off with well-tempered swords, and pierced with the tusks of elephants, and grained by tuskers, calling upon one another, were heard, O Bharata, to resemble the wails of those that are doomed to hell.  And horsemen, on chargers of exceeding speed and furnished with outstretched tails resembling (the Plumes of) swans, rushed against one another.  And hurled by them, long-bearded darts adorned with pure gold, fleet, and polished, and sharp-pointed, fell like snakes.[331] And some heroic horsemen, on coursers of speed, leaping high, cut off the heads of car-warriors from their cars.[332] And (here and there) a car-warrior, getting bodies of cavalry within shooting distance, slew many with straight shafts furnished with heads.  And many infuriate elephants adorned with trapping of gold, and looking like newly-risen clouds, throwing down steed, crushed them with their own legs.  And some elephants struck on their frontal globes and flanks, and mangled by means of lances, shrieked aloud in great agony.  And many huge elephants, in the bewildering of the melee, crushing steeds with their riders, threw them down.  And some elephants, overthrowing with the points of their tusks, steeds with their riders, wandered, crushing cars with their standards.  And some huge male elephants, from excess of energy and with the temporal juice gushing down in large quantities, slew steeds along with their riders by means of their trunks and legs.  Fleet arrows polished and sharp-pointed and resembling snakes fell upon the heads, the temples, the flanks, and the limbs of elephants.  And polished javelins of terrible mien, and looking like large meteoric flashes, hurled by heroic arms, felt hither and thither, O king, piercing through the bodies of men and horses, and cutting through coats of mail.  And many taking out their polished sabres from sheaths made of the skins of leopards and tigers, slew the combatants opposed to them in battle.  And many warriors, though themselves attacked and had the flanks of their bodies cut open, yet angrily fell upon (their foes) with swords, shields and battle-axes.  And some elephants dragging down and overthrowing cars with their steeds by means of their trunks, began to wander
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