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many arrows, failed to make him waver.  Neither could Sutasoma make Vikarna waver.  And that appeared wonderful (to all).  And against Susarman, that mighty car-warrior and tiger among men, viz., Chekitana of great prowess, rushed in exceeding wrath for the sake of the Pandavas.  And Susarman also, O great king, in that encounter checked the advance of that mighty car-warrior Chekitana with plentiful shower of arrows.  And Chekitana also, greatly provoked, showered on Susarman, in that terrible conflict, a shower of arrows like a mighty mass of clouds showering rain on the mountain breast.  And Sakuni, endued with great prowess, rushed, O king, against Prativindhya[325] of great prowess, like a lion against an infuriate elephant.  Thereupon the son of Yudhishthira, in exceeding wrath, mangled Suvala’s son in that combat, with sharp arrows, like Maghavat[326] (mangling) a Danava.  And Sakuni also, in that fierce conflict, pierced Prativindhya in return and mangled that warrior of great intelligence with straight arrows.  And Srutakarman rushed in battle, O great king, against that mighty car-warrior Sudakshina of great prowess, the ruler of the Kamvojas.  Sudakshina, however, O great king, piercing that mighty car-warrior, viz., the son of Sahadeva, failed to make him waver (for he stood) like the Mainaka mountain (against the assaults of Indra).  Thereupon Srutakarman, exceedingly provoked, weakened that mighty car-warrior of the Kamvojas with innumerable arrows and mangled him in every part of his body.  And Iravan, that chastiser of foes, in great wrath and exerting carefully, rushed in battle against the wrathful Srutayush.  The powerful son of Arjuna, that mighty car-warrior, then slaying the steeds of his adversary, set up a loud roar, and thereupon, O king, all the warriors (who saw the feat) praised him greatly.  And Srutasena also, exceedingly provoked, slew in that conflict the steeds of Falguni’s son with a powerful mace, and the battle between them continued.  And Vinda and Anuvinda, those two princes of Avanti, approached in battle that mighty car-warrior the heroic Kuntibhoja at the head of his troops accompanied by his son.  And wonderful was the prowess we beheld of those two princes on that occasion, for they fought on very cooly though battling with a large body of troops.  And Anuvinda hurled a mace at Kuntibhoja, but Kuntibhoja quickly covered him with a shower of arrows.  And the son of Kuntibhoja pierced Vinda with many arrows, and the latter also pierced him in return.  And the combat (between them) looked very wonderful.  And the Kekaya brothers, O sire, at the head of their troops, encountered in battle the five Gandhara princes with their troops.  And thy son Viravahu battled with that best of car-warriors Uttara, the son of Virata and pierced him with nine arrows.  And Uttara also pierced that hero with sharp-edged arrows.  And the ruler of the Chedis, O king, rushed in battle against Uluka.  And he pierced Uluka with a shower
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