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terrible cries.  Here and there, cavalry soldiers, cased in mail, armed with weapons, send forth fierce shouts.  At sun-rise flights of insects, by hundreds are seen.  In both twilights, the cardinal quarters seem to be ablaze, and the clouds, O Bharata, shower dust and flesh.  She, O king, who is celebrated over the three worlds and is applauded by the righteous, even that (constellation) Arundhati keepeth (her lord) Vasistha on her back.  The planet Sani also, O king, appeareth afflicting (the constellation) Rohini.  The sign of the deer in the Moon hath deviated from its usual position.  A great terror is indicated.  Even though the sky is cloudless, a terrible roar is heard there.  The animals are all weeping and their tears are falling fast.’”


“Vyasa said,—­’Asses are taking births in kine.  Some are having sexual pleasure with mothers.  The trees in the forests are exhibiting unseasonable flowers and fruits.  Women quick with child, and even those that are not so, are giving birth to monsters.  Carnivorous beasts, mingling with (carnivorous) birds, are feeding together.  Ill-omened beasts, some having three horns, some with four eyes, some with five legs, some with two sexual organs, some with two heads, some with two tails, some having fierce teeth, are being born, and with mouths wide open are uttering unholy cries.  Horses with three legs, furnished with crests, having four teeth, and endued with horns, are also being born.  O king! in thy city is also seen that the wives of many utterers of Brahma are bringing forth Garudas and peacocks.  The mare is bringing forth the cow-calf and the bitch is bringing forth, O king, jackals and cocks, and antelopes and parrots are all uttering inauspicious cries.[12] Certain women are bringing forth four or five daughters (at a time), and these as soon as they are born, dance and sing and laugh.  The members of the lowest orders are laughing and dancing and singing, and thus indicating direful consequences.  Infants, as if urged by death, are drawing armed images, and are running against one another, armed with clubs, and desirous of battle are also breaking down the towns (they erect in sport).  Lotuses of different kinds and lilies are growing on trees.  Strong winds are blowing fiercely and the dust ceaseth not.  The earth is frequently trembling, and Rahu approacheth towards the sun.  The white planet (Ketu) stayeth, having passed beyond the constellation Chitra.  All this particularly bodeth the destruction of the Kurus.  A fierce comet riseth, afflicting the constellation Pusya.  This great planet will cause frightful mischief to both the armies.  Mars wheeleth towards Magha and Vrihaspati (Jupiter) towards Sravana.  The Sun’s offspring (Sani) approaching towards the constellation Bhaga, afflicteth it.  The planet Sukra, ascending towards Purva Bhadra, shineth brilliantly, and wheeling towards the Uttara Bhadra, looketh towards

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