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of the destruction of the universe, I was filled with fear.  Seeing an arrowy net advancing against me, I baffled it with an arrowy downpour of mine, and then sent a dozen shafts by which I consumed those fierce-looking dozen darts of Rama.  Then, O king, the high-souled son of Jamadagni showered on me numerous fierce-looking darts, furnished with variegated handles decked with gold, possessed of golden wings, and resembling flaming meteors!  Baffling those fierce darts by means of my shield and sword, and causing them in that combat to fall down on the ground, I then, with clouds of excellent arrows, covered Rama’s excellent steeds and his charioteer.  Then that high-souled smiter of the lord of the Haihayas,[19] beholding those darts of mine equipped with gold-decked handles and resembling snakes emerged out of their holes, and filled with wrath at the sight, had recourse once more to celestial weapons!  Then swarms of fierce arrows, looking like flights of locusts fell upon me and overwhelmed me, my steeds, my charioteer, and my car!  Indeed, O king, my car, horses, and charioteer, were covered all over with those arrows!  And the yoke, shaft, wheels, and the wheel-spokes of my car, overwhelmed with that arrowy shower, at once broke.  After that arrowy shower, however, was over, I also covered my preceptor with a thick shower of arrows.  Thereupon, that mass of Brahmic merit, mangled with that arrowy downpour, began to bleed copiously, and continuously.  Indeed, like Rama afflicted with my clouds of arrows, I too was densely pierced with his arrows.  When at last in the evening, the sun set behind the western hills, our combat came to an end.’”


“Bhishma said, ’Next morning, O king, when the sun rose brightly, the combat between myself and him of Bhrigu’s race, again, commenced.  Then Rama, that foremost of smiters, stationed on his quickly-moving car, rained on me a thick downpour of arrows like the clouds on the mountain-breast.  My beloved charioteer then, afflicted by that arrowy shower, swerved from his place in the car, filling me with grief on his account.  A total unconsciousness then came over him.  And thus wounded by that arrowy downpour he fell down upon the earth in a swoon.  And afflicted as he had been by Rama’s shafts, he soon gave up his life.  Then, O great king, fear entered my heart.  And when, on the death of my charioteer, I was still lamenting for him with heart unhinged by sorrow, Rama began to shoot at me many death-dealing shafts.  Indeed, even when endangered at the death of my charioteer I was lamenting for him, he of Bhrigu’s race, drawing the bow with strength, pierced me deep with an arrow!  O king, that blood-drinking shaft, falling upon my breast, pierced me through and fell simultaneously with my person upon the earth!  Then, O bull of Bharata’s race, thinking I was dead, Rama repeatedly roared aloud like the clouds and rejoiced exceedingly!

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