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she also said, ’O son, Rama, equal in prowess unto Mahadeva himself, is the exterminator of the Kshatriya order!  It is not known to thee, that thou desirest an encounter with him.’  Thus addressed by her, I saluted the goddess reverentially and replied unto her with joined hands, giving her, O chief of the Bharatas, an account of all that had transpired in that self-choice (of the daughter of Kasi).  I also told her every thing, O king of kings, about how I had urged Rama (to desist from the combat).  I also gave her a history of all the past acts of the (eldest) daughter of Kasi.  My mother then, the great River, wending to Rama, began, for my sake, to beseech the Rishi of Bhrigu’s race.  And she said unto him these words, viz.,—­Do not fight Bhishma who is thy disciple!—­Rama, however, said unto her while she was beseeching him thus, ’Go and make Bhishma desist!  He doth not execute out my wish!  It is for this that I have challenged him!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Thus addressed by Rama, Ganga, from affection for her son, came back to Bhishma.  But Bhishma, with eyes rolling in anger, refused to do her bidding.  Just at this time, the mighty ascetic Rama, that foremost one of Bhrigu’s race, appeared in Bhishma’s sight.  An then that best of the twice-born ones challenged him to the encounter.’”


“Bhishma said, ’I then smilingly addressed Rama stationed for battle, saying,—­Myself on my car, I do not wish to fight with thee that art on the earth!  Mount on a car, O hero, and case thy body in mail, O mighty-armed one, if indeed, O Rama, thou wishest to fight me in battle!—­Then Rama smilingly replied unto me on that field of battle, saying, ’The Earth, O Bhishma, is my car, and Vedas, like good steeds, are the animals that carry me!  The wind is my car-driver, and my coat of mail is constituted by those mothers in the Vedas (viz., Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati).  Well-covered by these in battle, O son of Kuru’s race, I will fight!’ Having said this, O Gandhari’s son.  Rama of prowess incapable of being baffled, covered me on all sides with a thick shower of arrows.  I then beheld Jamadagni’s son stationed on a car equipped with every kind of excellent weapons!  And the car he rode was exceedingly handsome and was of wonderful appearance.  And it had been created by a fiat of his will, and it was beautiful like a town.  And celestial steeds were yoked unto it, and it was well-protected by the necessary defences.  And it was decked all over with ornaments of gold.  And it was well-covered with tough skins all around, and bore the device of the sun and the moon.  Rama was armed with bow and equipped with a quiver, and with fingers cased in leathern fences!  Akritavrana, the dear friend of Bhargava, well-versed in the Vedas, did the duties of a car-driver for that warrior.  And he, of Bhrigu’s race, repeatedly summoning me to battle, saying,—­Come, come,—­gladden

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