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“Rama said, ’O best of Rishis, I recollect that vow of mine made before.  I will, however (in the present instance) do that which conciliation may point out.  That task which the daughter of Kasi hath in her mind is a grave one, O Brahmana!  Taking this maiden with me, I will repair myself to the place where Bhishma is.  If Bhishma, proud of his achievements in battle, do not obey my behest, I will then slay that arrogant wight.  Even this is my fixed resolve.  The arrows shot by me do not stick to the bodies of embodied creatures (but pass them through).  This is known to you from what you saw in my encounters with the Kshatriyas!’ Having said this, Rama then, along with all those seekers of Brahma, resolved to depart from that asylum! and the great ascetic then rose from his seat.  Then all those ascetics passing that night there, performed (on the next morning) their homa-rites and recited their prayers.  And then they all set out, desirous of taking my life.  And Rama, accompanied by all those devotees of Brahma, then came to Kurukshetra, O monarch, with that maiden, O Bharata, in their company.  And those high-souled ascetics, with that foremost one of Bhrigu’s race at head, having arrived on the banks of the stream of Saraswati, quartered themselves there.’”


“Bhishma said, ’After he had quartered there, on third day, O king, Jamadagni’s son of high vows, sent a message to me, saying, ’I have come here, do what is agreeable to me.’  Hearing that Rama, of great might, had come to the confines of our kingdom, I speedily went with a joyous heart to that master who was an ocean of energy.  And I went to him, O king, with a cow placed in the van of my train, and accompanied by many Brahmanas, and (ordinary) priests (of our family), and by others, resembling the very gods in splendour, employed by us on special occasions.  And beholding me arrived at his presence, Jamadagni’s son, of great prowess, accepted the worship I offered unto him and said these words unto me.’

“Rama said, ’Thyself, divested of desire, with what mood of mind, O ’Bhishma, didst thou abduct, on the occasion of her self-choice, his daughter of the king of Kasi and again dismiss her subsequently?  By thee hath this famous lady been dissociated from virtue!  Contaminated by the touch of thy hands before, who can marry her now?  Rejected she hath been by Salwa, because thou, O Bharata, hadst abducted her.  Take her therefore, to thyself, O Bharata, at my command.  Let this daughter of a king, O tiger among men, be charged with the duties of her sex!  O king, O sinless one, it is not proper that this humiliation should be hers!

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