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maiden too did the same.  And they all cheerfully worshipped Bhargava with the offer of honey and curds.  Being worshipped duly by them, Rama sat with them seated round him.  Then, O Bharata, Jamadagni’s son and Hotravahana, seated thus together, began to discourse.  And after their discourse was over, the sage Hotravahana opportunately said in a sweet voice these words of grave import unto that foremost one of Bhrigu’s race, viz., Rama of mighty strength, ’O Rama, this is my daughter’s daughter, O lord, being the daughter of the king of Kasi.

She hath something to be done for her!  Oh, listen to it duly, O thou that art skilled in all tasks!’ Hearing these words of his friend, Rama addressed that maiden saying.  ‘Tell me what thou hast to say.’  At these words, Amva approached Rama who resembled a blazing fire, and worshipping both his feet with her bent head, touched them with her two hands that resembled, in radiance, a couple of lotuses and stood silently before him.  And filled with grief, she wept aloud, her eyes bathed in tears.  And she then sought the protection of that descendant of Bhrigu, who was the refuge of all distressed persons.  And Rama said, ’Tell me what grief is in thy heart.  I will act according to thy words!’ Thus encouraged, Amva said, ’O thou of great vows, O holy one, today I seek thy protection!  O lord, raise me from this unfathomable ocean of sorrow.’

“Bhishma continued, ’Beholding her beauty and her youthful body and its great delicacy, Rama began to think,—­What will she say?  And that perpetuator of Bhrigu’s line, thinking inwardly of this, sat long in silence, filled with pity.  He then addressed that maiden of sweet smiles again, saying, ‘Tell us what thou hast to say!’ Thus encouraged, she represented everything truly unto Bhargava.  And Jamadagni’s son, hearing these words of the princess, and having first settled what he should do, addressed that damsel of the fairest complexion, saying, ’O beautiful lady, I will send word unto Bhishma, that foremost one of Kuru’s race.  Having beard what my behest is, that king will certainly obey it.  If, however, the son of Jahnavi do not act according to my words, I will then consume him in battle, O blessed girl, with all his counsellors!  Or, O princess, if thou desirest it, I may even address the heroic ruler of the Salwas to the matter in hand.’  Hearing these words of Rama, Amva said, ’Dismissed I was by Bhishma, O son of Bhrigu’s race, as soon as he heard that my heart had previously been freely given away to the ruler of the Salwas.  Approaching then the lord of Saubha, I addressed him in language that was unbecoming.  Doubtful of the purity of my conduct, he refused to accept me.  Reflecting on all this, with the aid of thy own understanding, it behoveth thee, O son of Bhrigu’s race, to do that which should be done in view of these circumstances.  Bhishma, however, of great vows is the root of my calamity, for he brought me under his power taking

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