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a mark behind.  O foremost of warriors, although we followed in the track of those warriors, yet, O best of men, we soon lost their footprints and do not know their present residence.  O lord of men, for some time we followed in the wake of their charioteers.  And making our inquiries duly, we truly ascertained what we desired to know.  O slayer of foes, the charioteers reached Dwaravati without the sons of Pritha among them.  O king, neither the sons of Pandu, nor the chaste Krishna, are in that city of Yadavas.  O bull of the Bharata race, we have not been able to discover either their track or their present abode.  Salutations to thee, they are gone for good.  We are acquainted with the disposition of the sons of Pandu and know something of the feats achieved by them.  It behoveth thee, therefore, O lord of men, to give us instructions, O monarch, as to what we should next do in the search after the sons of Pandu.  O hero, listen also to these agreeable words of ours, promising great good to thee.  King Matsya’s commander, Kichaka of wicked soul, by whom the Trigartas, O monarch, were repeatedly vanquished and slain with mighty force, now lieth low on the ground with all his brothers, slain, O monarch, by invisible Gandharvas during the hours of darkness, O thou of unfading glory.  Having heard this delightful news about the discomfiture of our enemies, we have been exceedingly gratified, O Kauravya.  Do thou now ordain what should next be done.’”


(Go-harana Parva)

“Vaisampayana said, ’Having listened to these words of his spies, king Duryodhana reflected inwardly for some time and then addressed his courtiers, saying, ’It is difficult to ascertain the course of events definitely.  Discern ye all, therefore, whither the sons of Pandu have gone, of this thirteenth year which they are to pass undiscovered by us all, the greater part hath already expired.  What remains is by much the smaller.  If, indeed, the sons of Pandu can pass undiscovered what remains of this year, devoted to the vow of truth as they are, they will then have fulfilled their pledge.  They will then return like mighty elephants with temporal juice trickling down, or like snakes of virulent poison.  Filled with wrath, they will, without doubt, be inflicters of terrible chastisement on the Kurus.  It behoveth ye, therefore, to make such efforts without loss of time as may induce the sons of Pandu, acquainted as they are with the proprieties of time, and staying as they now are in painful disguise, to re-enter the woods suppressing their rage.  Indeed, adopt ye such means as may remove all causes of quarrel and anxiety from the kingdom, making it tranquil and foeless and incapable of sustaining a diminution of territory.’  Hearing these words of Duryodhana, Kama said, ’Let other spies, abler and more cunning, and capable of accomplishing their object, quickly go hence, O Bharata.  Let them, well-disguised, wander through swelling

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