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“Bhishma said, ’Those virtuous ascetics then set themselves about their usual avocations, thinking all the while as to what they should do for that maiden.  And some amongst them said, ’Let her be taken to her father’s abode.’  And some amongst them set their hearts upon reproaching ourselves.  And some thought that repairing to the ruler of the Salwas, he should be solicited to accept the maiden.  And some said, ’No, that should not be done, for she hath been rejected by him.’  And after some time had passed thus, those ascetics of rigid vows once more said unto her, ’What, O blessed lady, can ascetics with senses under control do?  Do not devote thyself to a life in the woods, renouncing the world!  O blessed lady, listen to these words that are beneficial to thee!  Depart hence, blessed be thou, to thy father’s mansion!  The king, thy father, will do what should next be done.  O auspicious one, surrounded by every comfort, thou mayest live there in happiness.  Thou art a woman!  At present, therefore, O blessed one, thou hast no other protector save thy father.  O thou of the fairest complexion, as regards a woman, she hath her father for her protector or her husband.  Her husband is her protector when she is in comfortable circumstances, but when plunged in misery, she hath her father for her protector.  A life in the woods is exceedingly painful, especially to one that is delicate.  Thou art a princess by birth; over this, thou art, again, very delicate, O beautiful dame!  O blessed lady, there are numerous discomforts and difficulties attaching to a life in a (woody) retreat, none of which, O thou of the fairest complexion, shalt thou have to bear in thy father’s abode!’ Other ascetics, beholding that helpless girl said to her, ’Seeing thee alone in deep and solitary woods, kings may court thee!  Therefore, set not thy heart upon such a course!’

“Hearing these words, Amva said, ’I am incapable of going back to my father’s abode in the city of Kasi, for without doubt I shalt then be disregarded by all my relatives.  Ye ascetics, I lived there, in my father’s abode, during my childhood.  I cannot, however, now go to thither where my father is.  Protected by the ascetics, I desire to practise ascetic austerities, so that in even future life of mine such sore afflictions may not be mine!  Ye best of ascetics, I desire, therefore, to practise ascetic austerities!’

“Bhishma continued, ’When those Brahmanas were thinking thus about her, there came into that forest that best of ascetics, the royal sage Hotravahana.  Then those ascetics reverenced the king with worship, enquiries of welcome and courtesy, a seat, and water.  And after he was seated and had rested for a while, those denizens of the forest once more began to address that maiden in the hearing of that royal sage.  Hearing the story of Amva and the king of Kasi, that royal sage of great energy became very anxious at

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